A smoke-free campus is one that adopts policies that prohibit the use of smoke producing tobacco and related products. It aims at eliminating second hand smoke of such practices in the society. The society has been depicting the campus as a pool consisting of smokers thereby damaging the image of the campus and its inhabitants. The society tends to forget that there are still innocent students who do not smoke. Therefore, I highly appreciate the idea of smoke-free campus where the policy of eliminating smoking should be adopted and implemented effectively and efficiently by all the stakeholders involved in the campus from students to administration, from cleaners to lecturers. A smoke-free campus has its benefits compared to a campus that does not advocate this practice. Some of the benefits of a smoke-free campus imply that the healthy of all is safeguarded. It reduces campus waste among all the stakeholders. Besides, societal image of campus to the general public is upgraded.

A smoke free-campus safeguards the heath of all; both active and passive smoking is eliminated thus the health of the smoker and that of his or her neighbors is guarded. We know that smoking has many side effects such as lung cancer, high blood pressure, and other respiratory diseases. These diseases can lead to death of the smoker and his or her neighbors. Quitting smoking will help eliminate the diseases which can be prevented; as we know, prevention is better than cure. It also leads to the addiction which can be very costly. The student smoker may come to such levels when he cannot concentrate on his or her studies without smoking; thus it may adversely affect academic performance even though he may be a bright student.

The adoption of smoke-free policy will enable students and all the campus stakeholders to effectively plan and hence eliminate wastage of material, financial, and time resources. As we know, smoking is addictive; once it becomes a habit, it is hard to cease. The cigars are not free of charge; one has to chip into his or her pockets to buy them. Most smokers regard it as a social platform and thereby end up wasting a lot of time which could be used effectively for other economically productive practices such as studies. The cigar remains if not disposed properly may lead to fire which may burn down property hence cause the wastage of structures, The smoking areas are usually very dirty, thus it calls for the employment of a cleaner. Such costs can be easily avoided by adoption of smoke-free campuses.

In addition, the overall image of the campus is upgraded. The society traditionally viewed campuses as zones where boys and girl do all sorts of evils including smoking. Thus, advocating for a smoke-free campus will upgrade the societal view of such campuses. The campuses which have adopted the smoke-free policy are viewed as examples to others. Most parents would probably take their children to such campuses. The modern students are either parents or parents to be. Children born of smoking parents face health complications such as underweight, undeveloped body part, and many others. Such injustice to the innocent children can be avoided by the simple policy of smoke-free campus.

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