Social Ecology and its Main Ideas

Murray Bookchin is an American activist and scientist. He is an author of such terms as “social ecology” and “libertarian municipalism.” One of his main books is “Post-Scarcity Anarchism,” where he gives the explanation of main ideas and themes of social ecology. His opinions on its problems and ways of solution are quite radical and specific. Many other scientists argue about their credibility.

M. Bookchin was an anarchist, and his ideas were connected with this political ideology. One can find a lot of common features in these two disciplines. The scientist believes that different reasons including the domination of one person over another, presence of state, government, social hierarchy, and various political parties cause all ecological crises. While all these components of the capitalist society are available and evident, it is very difficult to solve any ecological or cultural problem. The scientist agrees that the only solution is the form of anarchism (Bookchin, 2004).

In my opinion, his statements have the grain of truth. The capitalist society has a lot of drawbacks. People begin to perceive the nature as a part of their property. It leads not only to the damaging of the environment, but also to problems in human relationship. Nobody cares about safety of nature or simple friendship. Everyone is obsessed with the idea of enrichment and power. The desire to get more and more money pits humanity against the nature. People should understand their demands better and come round until it is not too late. In other case, global crises will become unavoidable.

To sum up, these problems can not be solved quickly, and they sound rather utopian. However, these ideas are quite possible to implement in the real life. When people set priorities properly, it will be possible to save both the nature and mankind.

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