Space Science and Energy

Manned mission to mars has for a long time dominated the scientific circles and formed bases for numerous scientific fictions by many writers besides been pushed by many space exploration advocates across the world. Numerous space agencies have presented proposals for this historic adventure to land not only to the moon which have been successful before but also to adventure and progress further to Mars. However there has been numerous and controversial discussions among the stakeholder concerning the scientific value of sending a manned mission to Mars as compared to a return mission to moon. First proponents of this adventure have presented that, a manned mission to Mars would discover and provide medical advancements due to the examinations and study of human body changes in Mars after a long period (Glenn 2003).

Many scientists also believes that, the Mars features and its configuration is explored can support human life due to its unique features that demonstrates their existence in presence of water. This wetly conditions observed in Mars even have some scientific indications that, it’s possible Mars hosted life at one time in history; therefore an adventure would further bring possibility of exploring and finding life in this space. Another school of scientific thought advances that manned mission to Mars is necessary to explore and discover the underground life believed to exist in this space. Lastly, this adventure is considered to have scientific incentives to young ones and youths across the world to study science as a specialized discipline (Lorenzo 2007).

The surface of the earth has over times been explored and disturbed for many reasons like agriculture, mining and other human activities. In addition, the biological and geological processes that are experienced on earth are absent in moon’s surface. However, volcano activities were reported on the Moon’s surface over three billion years ago. During the same period, this surface experienced volcanism and cratering which reduced after this period. The earth is also witnessed to have a lot of disturbances due to the effects that are transmitted from the moon’s cratering process which causes bombardment moon the earth’s surface hence more disturbance on earth as compared to the moon’s surface (US National Research Council 2003).

There have been numerous reasons advanced to explain these phenomenons. First the moon’s service is observed to lack significantly major physical features like water bodies and atmosphere which erosion as a result of weathering difficult under any natural circumstances. Secondly, moon’s surfaces have been found not to contain any form of plate tectonics which are evident on earth’s surface explaining many geological processes on earth. Thirdly lack of gravitational force combined with relatively small size of the moon provides conducive features for lunar environment cool more rapidly unlike where earth’s gravitational forces and the large surface area makes cooling rather a slow process increasing the geological disturbances due to heat accumulation (Martin 1972).

There have been numerous scientific studies conducted to study the composition of meteorites drawing much emphasis from the knowledge gathered from the study of lunar environment. Scientific studies categorize 82 per cent of all the meteorites falling from the lunar surface as composed of Chondrites. Chondrites according to scientific studies form the oldest rocks in existence in the whole solar system. Scientists are convinced from repeated scientific studies and researches conducted that chondrites are of lunar origin due to their formation. Scientists have hypothesized in their studies that, dust was the first solid matter. These dusts are found to clamp together possibly due to electric charges (The Meteorite market 2010). Later these clumps were observed to melt probably due to star’s heat or due to the radioactivity within the clumps themselves. After numerous processes over a very long span of time, these clumps melted forming spheres which formed the chondrules hence the basis for scientists to be convinced that chondrites are of lunar origin and from the oldest location of the moon due to the slow process that this melting and solidification process takes to effect (The Meteorite market 2010).

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