Starbucks Structure

Complete a job description and job specification for a Starbucks employee.

The most common recruitment in Starbucks is of a bar person who deals with the customers on the front-end taking their orders and meeting and greeting them as well as recording the cash transactions and book keeping.

Job Description

A job description is a document that entails the summary of the job including its purpose and scope, along with major job responsibilities and the qualifications required for the job (Daft, 1997). For the job a Starbucks, the following job description is prepared.

Job Description of a Bar Person


Bar Person

Responsible For

Serving Customers

Report To

Café Manager

Personnel Manager

Job Summary

The Bar Person is responsible for taking orders of the customers, serving them as well as ensuring that a healthy positive environment prevails in the café .

Duties and Responsibilities

To ensure that and how the customer orders are fulfilled.

To ensure recording of all cash and credit transactions correctly with balances maintained.

To be on duty at the front desk during A.M and P.M. shifts.

To ensure that all latest information regarding service offers are displayed on the front desk.

To coordinate with all bar persons and baristas.

Adhere to all required trainings relating to the type of attitude required for the job.

Follow all orders and duties delegated by the café manager.

Qualification Requirements

Experience of one year in serving of customers in restaurants or cafes.

Experience of managing orders.

Experience of attending phone calls and customer service.

Person Specification

Detailing the person specification in the job description is also crucial which identifies the major specifications required in the person, which include all the skills required on his part that would allow the fulfillment of all his major duties and responsibilities (Daft, 1997). It is a part of the overall job description. Following is the person specification of the bar person.

Person Specification

  1. Must love coffee
  2. Must be energetic and innovative
  3. Must be detail-oriented and have ability to multi-task
  4. Ability to be efficient and productive in a fast paced environment
  5. Must have enthusiasm and posses excellent customer service skills
  6. Must possess basic math and money handling skills
  7. Enjoy working with people and possess a friendly and outgoing personality
  8. Excellent communication, listening and computer skills
  9. Must be able to work in team and have team playing skills

What form of departmentalization should Starbucks use? Should the form be changed in stores offering food products and lunch? Why or why not?

Starbucks should use divisional departmentalization whereby departments should be separated and organized based on geographic divisions (Reilly et al., 2011). The café should be maintained as it relates with the brand image of Starbucks where people associate feelings of place of ease and comfort and a quite atmosphere to send some emails, do some left over work while relaxing with a cup of coffee. However, Starbucks should consider cutting down costs to make sure that it maintains its competitive advantage in the market against rivals such as Dunkin Donuts. Geographic based departmentalization ensures that each café is dealt with differently whereby incorporating the differences resulting from culture, economic state and “feel” of the area into the products and services offered. Each geographic division is to conduct its separate research studies to identity key problem areas and possible opportunities for survival and growth.

When the company began to experience financial problems, should the leadership try to centralize power and decision-making or decentralize the operation?

In the face of financial turmoil control is necessary whereby making use of a leadership that centralizes power (Reilly et al., 2011). However, this strategy is to be two-fold. Financial and operational records and procedures have to be centralized that ensure that each café performs and meets corporate targets and ensures that the quality standards remain uniform in each of the cafes spread across geographically. On the other hand, each geographic division has to be responsible for carrying out its own marketing campaigns and activities, pertaining to the standard brand image of course but addressing to the unique consumer characteristics of the specific geographic regions that the central headquarters do not have access to and do not possess the related know-how. In this way, the cafes will remain integrated together and with the headquarters but will cater to the unique consumer tastes and demands of coffee and other product lines. It needs to understand that not all areas have similar consumers and their demands differ owing to the nature of their activities, lifestyles, and personalities. This form of departmentalization best allows the company to meet the unique geographically differing customer requirements as well as stay under control of the headquarters making sure that its operations meet the corporate standards.

What form of organizational configuration best fits Starbucks?

Starbucks is to move towards heavy automation in its supply chain activities to increase cost efficiency and effectiveness in performance outcomes. Employees, processes and purchasing and delivery activities have to be automated and fast paced to respond to customer demands quickly as well as save time and costs involved in the value chain activities. This move will make the organisation mechanized and automated (Reilly et al., 2011) and this is the configuration that best fits with Starbucks considering its present situation where production costs are forcing the company to charge higher, and competitors are eating away its market share. Retail service providers across the world are now incorporating mechanized and automated value chains that allow in-time delivery and fast response to consumer demands in their organisational structures. Starbucks needs to add efficiency in its organizational processes using the very same form of configuration.

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