Strategies to Curb Domestic Violence in the New York

Ownership has been spelt in most of the governments’ laws. The laws clearly give light on a property which is state owned, individual owned or owned by a group of individual. With various ownership schemes, there are restrictions and taxing schemes that are deployed. Property rights are the law created be the governments on how individuals can benefit, control and transfer property. It ensures that the government would not involve the foreign created business ventures without proper compensation. This means that individuals have control of the resources and are not at risk of losing a foreign company that can jeopardize its entire operations. In summary, the right allows the owner to benefit, use and exclude others from the assets.

The property right law is also seen as a platform to solving environment problems by internalizing and externalizing all the environment benefits. One of the benefits is that one who bears less payment for a property pay for less taxes or does not pay for wealth transfer at all.  

In the case of Mrs. Henry Brown, the avocado farmer is not paying for the wealth transfer. Presumably, she paid less for the proper because of these restrictions. She was, therefore, compensated for the restrictions in the form of lower land prices. Nevertheless, this kind of concern is usually raised by an individual or individuals lobbying to get a law changed in order to transfer wealth back for their own good. This is all based on the current market settings. She should, therefore, know that the initial payments have a hand in the current situation.

The taxation scheme that is implemented is normally aimed at attaining the utility of the society. It enables more people to be consumers while fostering more equal opportunities for all individuals to attain a standard living.

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