Strengths and Weaknesses in My Writing

Writing is an art that requires creativity, your thoughtfulness and clear ideation that could deliver the right information to the reader. No one is born writer so am I. When I think about my writing experience, I realize that with time I have improved a lot. Initially, I used to make many grammatical mistakes. In addition my sentences were lengthy and there were no synchronization between paragraphs.

I event changed my writing perception. Actually, I had to write a web content for a client, I finished the work on time but before emailing the content to the client, I thought to show the content to my senior. When he saw my content, he said that the content is good but there is no synchronization – he gave me some feedback and I carefully listened to him. After the feedback, I thought to improve my writing skills and for that I read many articles, and journals, and newspaper to know their writing style.

Today, I am happy that I have improved a lot and I don’t make any grammatical mistakes. Now, I can write my writing strengths and weaknesses, as I know which part of my writing is strong and which part is still weak.

My writing strengths:

Before writing an article, or web content – I do some research and gather ideas from different sources. Once I feel that all content is ready, I synchronize them in words and sentences.

  • I always take extra care on grammar. If I am writing content in Present Tense, I make sure that the whole article should be in the same tense.
  • I always write sentences in active voice.
  • I use simple words in my sentence so that readers from diverse fields could easily understand my article.

My writing weaknesses

  • Since “to err is human,” I do make mistakes in my writing. But the best part is that I know where I am doing mistakes.
  • I often do mistakes while using articles. A, An, The really puzzle me a lot. But I am learning the art of using them in the right place.
  • Again, I do mistakes in punctuation. I often do mistake while using colon, semicolon, and comma. I have read many tutorials but no one can master in one day. I am also improving with time.
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