How do I define “Success”?

Success forms an important part in everyone’s life. In my view, success is not a destination but a long journey full of hardships. It has multiple milestones or peaks and not one ultimate acme. Success is like staircase, keeps on building on another. People strive for it all their life and some achieve Success while others are not so fortunate. People who succeed are successful not only because of their hardship but also learning from struggles and effective use of skills and talent. It is an aspect which keeps motivating people to move forward in life and keep on experimenting and innovating. It is persistent from ancient history, that people have been pursuing success for years. Examples – when wars were fought. Success to one meant capture and domination on the other.

I feel success comes in many forms and has many definitions. It highly depends on what one searches in life and in business. For school students, success might mean excelling in studies and getting scholarship or excelling in sports. And as for professional, it has a different meaning. A musician might see success when his album reaches number one hit. A Doctor may see success after curing a single patient or after completion of an effective surgery. A teacher might see success when they see their students perform in academics or in any sphere of life. A lawyer might see success after winning any case. Everyone has their own way to define success. A house wife finds success in doing house work efficiently and managing home and children in the best possible manner she can. For sportsmen, outclass in their particular sports may be success. In job, success can be defined as exceeding your job requirements or getting a promotion. Success in business requires the same mindset which is required for success in life. It is to establish peace of mind. Hard work is an important deciding factor for success.

In my opinion, success is when you demonstrate yourself superior than your previous self. It is when you apprehend all your shortcomings and learn to accept few things in life can’t be changed. Success is all about winning or conquering over oneself rather than the world.

Success can be pursuing dreams. Success can be described as the courage to let out the potent dreams and potentialities in us, simply to give them air.  (Butler-Bowdon, 2004) Success is an ongoing realization and achievement of worthy results in life, business, action or any other sphere. Success can be measure across few areas namely, career, health, time, financial, spiritual and emotional. Success in modern times is measured by the wealth you posses. For years too many people believe that success is all about the realization of material things. (Dixon, 2004) The wealthier you are, the more successful person you are. People also consider gaining fame as a measure of success.

Goals create purpose.

Purpose generates plans.

Plans produce action.

Action builds habits.

Good Habits create success. (Martin, 2002)

According to me success depends on many other things such as passion, ability to take risk, self-esteem, an independent nature, self-confidence, imagination, focus, persistence, teamwork, and talent. A mix of everything is required to be achiever and be successful in any field. Out of the above, I feel focus and being persistent are vital and decides the degree of success you reach. It is our drive that pushes us forward and keeps our momentum going. Without focus, you will keep on moving without any direction. Persistence is a critical attitude which needs to be embraced and is not an optional attribute for those who desire success.

I feel education and knowledge also plays a vital role in being successful. Education provides the right direction towards success. Domain knowledge helps a lot in reaching success in business. Knowledge helps in deciding and choosing what is right and what is wrong. It helps in decision making. Learning is the key. I have observed, a successful person is a very smart learner. Experience also takes you a long way. Self experience is the best teacher. Until you fail, you cannot understand the true meaning of success. You fail and you learn. With every failure you learn and gain strength. Success comes through failures and failure is the mother of success. I think failure makes man more devoted towards his goal and duty. Failure is the pillar of success.

We all want success in personal and professional life and in relationship with others. The most important factor that decides our success in every aspect of lives is attitude. Having a positive attitude is vital in reaching success.  None can reach success with negative thoughts or attitude. Being optimist helps in reaching success. Optimism is at the heart of a successful person. It is attitude which decides altitude. “The most valuable thing you can ever own is your image of yourself as a winner in the great game of life, as a contributor to the betterment of humankind, as an achiever of worthy goals. Unless you have that image of yourself, nothing worth having will stay with you for long.”  (Hopkins, 1982)

Success not necessarily means achieving personal goal but also help community to rise. A successful person needs to contribute to the betterment of the society. A successful person always improves and motivates others to achieve goals. It is taking people along and helping them to achieve their goals. Success means happiness, contentment and satisfaction achievement.

I do believe that Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude

I think who you are makes a big impact on being successful. It depends on the decision we make on daily basis, our habits which determines the level of success we attain. I think to be successful you needs personal development, a good health, build strong relationship, setting an achievable goal, time management, finding catalysts or people who will help you to succeed, learning skills, influencing people, financial planning and good communication skills.

For some, there are seven pillars of success: Pillar 1 – Employment, a job that warms your soul; Pillar 2 – Health, a body that works for you; Pillar 3 – Peers, Life giving relationships; Pillar 4 – Housing, A Home that nourishes you; Pillar 5 – Volunteering, a bigger and better community; Pillar 6 – Education, a well exercised brain and Pillar 7 – Purpose, a personal ruling thought.  (Unknown)

I feel people who have the desire to win, can only win. When there is a will, there is a way. When you want to be successful, then only you can plan to achieve your goal. A person without a goal is no more than a dead man. Success comes to those who thrive hard to achieve it!

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