Targeted Messaging

Targeted messaging is an imperative element when marketing products in order to target a particular audience. The process involves harmonizing the message being delivered with the product and the target audience. Despite the difference in the structuring of messages for different audiences within different popular cultures, similarities exist in the final implications for a product.

In Cosmopolitan magazine editors choose their articles, advertising and imagery to suit their female audiences. Considering the topics for the magazine, they are more oriented towards the female gender. Some of the broad topics include fashion, hair and beauty, love and sex among other headings. These relate predominately to the female gender, considering the stereotypes that exist among males and females.  The advertisements and imaging are oriented towards the female audience, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the editors in reaching out to their audience.

In Maxim magazine a broad range of topics relate to the male audience with these being sports, entertainment, technology and women. The magazine content demonstrates the role that a stereotype has on the determination of the right topics for a particular audience. However, similarities exist under different topics; for instance, food, relationship, sex and travel lie under vices in Maxim while, in Cosmopolitan magazine, the headings are independent or lie under body. The imaging and advertising are male-oriented although women are mostly featured in these advertisements for attracting the male audience.   

Media messages have considerable influence on personal identity, since they disseminate different information on lifestyle and sexuality, which relates to a particular gender (Campbell, 2009). Consequently, the media promote stereotyping through the messages despite the fact that society seeks to remove stereotypes associated with gender. In my opinion, the media have vastly encouraged gender roles, which have existed since the ancient days, in all spheres and they have a strong influence on the audience. The audience cannot resist seductive media messages of gender roles, which influences personal identity negatively (Gauntlett, 2008).

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