Technology plays a crucial role in the world today. The era of globalization has relied entirely on the existence of technology.  It covers a wide area revolving around medical, construction and information technology.

The oxford dictionary defines technology as “a scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry”. This is a rather straightforward and somewhat shallow definition of an extremely broad term. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines technology as, “the practical use of knowledge especially in a particular area” and, “a capacity given by the practical application of knowledge”. Thus technology refers to the ability of human beings to be able to apply their knowledge and skills, both mentally and physically, in order to take full benefit of the available resources resulting in the satisfaction of the desired goals. In the process of the application of this knowledge and skills, humans should be able to achieve their needs and satisfy their wants and thus solving the many problems that may face them (Webster, 2012).

Technology has developed over a short time to become a significant player in the growth of the economies of nations in the world over. Research conducted over the past decade reveals that the main factor that is derailing the growth and development of third world countries is the lack of modern technology. Every developed nation has as its backbone a highly advanced level of technology. Today, technology controls and influences every aspect of live. It is crucial in the running of businesses and banks; it helps in human resource management and has enhanced the status of modern communication. The advancement in medicine and improved healthcare has its roots in technology. Education sector has also benefited in the growth of technology. In assessing the importance of technology today, it is essential to address the areas of medicine, security communication and education.

Medicine and Technology

Medical world has benefited immensely through the development in technology. It is now easier to focus on disease management due to the increased use of technology. Medical technology has considerably been put to use when managing more critical, severe and life threatening conditions. Developed countries enjoy improved healthcare facilities and consequently there is a higher life expectancy than in developing countries. In essence, technology has led to the development of more improved equipments that help in the prevention, detection and treatment of many diseases in the world. It has reduced errors in medication through the use of computerized physician order entry (CPOE). Technology has also enhanced improvements in diagnostic and treatment thus allowing for improved medical care in quality and availability. The development of telemedicine, which is the process of monitoring of chronic diseases over long distances has allowed for access to care, quality of care and reduced costs of treatment. However, the development of technology has come at a hefty price in terms of the cost of treatment. Because of the advancement in the equipments for treatment and access to drugs, the cost of treatment has considerably gone higher for the average person to afford. As a result, most people have ended up filing for bankruptcy after they have been discharged from the hospitals. Governments have taken measures to try and make the cost of healthcare affordable.

Education and Technology

There is no denying that the education sector has grown to leaps and bounds through the development of education. New modes of teaching have been facilitated by technology, and thus today it is possible for anyone to access education. Perhaps the most telling development in the education world is the distant learning program. This has been made possible primarily through the development of technology. Individuals all over the world can now be able to undertake courses in any field in any acclaimed institutions of learning without having to go there in person. This has been made possible through the aspect of computer visualization and virtual reality. Development of technology has facilitated the increase in research, thus leading to increased knowledge in certain aspects of life. Many people are able to access research materials by acclaimed individuals in the field of interests and thus facilitating the learning process. This has made information in anything to be available at the finger tip (Christian, 2011).

Communication and Technology

Lifestyles of individuals have been improved through the growth of technology. Today, it is unimaginable to think of life without computers, internet, television, mobile phones and even radio. The growth in technology has improved means of communication. The aspect of time and space is irrelevant in the world of technology; people are able to communicate with each other over different time frames extending over thousands of kilometers. Technology has indeed made the world a global village. The importance of technology in communication can also be seen in the business world. Through the increased modes of communication, business have grown to become world corporate since they can easily access the target market through the use mass media technology. Consequently, increase in the mass media has also facilitated the advertising of the business to the target audiences.

In conclusion, technology has carried the world through the period of globalization. Many world economies cannot survive without technology. Today, everything hangs on the back of it, and every aspect is dependent on technology. Security sector has been enhanced by the growth in technology and thus there is better security in the world today. However, it has made the world a dangerous place to be as countries now have the ability to make dangerous weapons of mass destruction that threaten global peace.

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