The Auditorium Committee

The room is a large rectangular hall that contains a great space in which the floor is solid concrete with sheet rock walls, and bare concrete roofing plates on the ceiling. The human figure on the right is higher than that on the left. The stage is carpeted with speakers facing the speaker, and the front part of the room is fitted with soft material for preventing flutter echoes. However, the speech intelligibility is defective and persistently compromised, considering that difficulties emerge in balancing acoustics so as to realize the satisfactory sound quality.

These may result from the material on the walls, floor and ceiling in which these parts lack an appropriate sound-absorbing material. The walls are made of sheet rock, which reflects sound causing to flutter echoes. The floor and ceiling material finish influence the integrity of sound and speech intelligibility. Additionally, the dimensions of the room impact the sound quality due to the resonance mode experienced in the rectangular dimensions. Nevertheless, the floor plan for the auditorium may have an influence on the good sounding. Moreover, a highly sloped ceiling leads to the ceiling mode effects that affect sound quality in the auditorium. The room experiences reverberation problems especially when it is not fully occupied.

The recommendations for these problems include control of the sound reflections, which is appropriately carried out through the application of sound-absorbing material or sound-diffusing material on the side walls. This implies applying the sound-absorbing materials on the parallel room surfaces. Similarly, carpeting or adding acoustic ceiling tiles will decrease flutter echo within the room. Bass traps may also be introduced to eradicate standing waves within the auditorium. However, carpeting and acoustic tiles should not be exceedingly thick since this leads to the unpleasant bass sounds within the room. Implementing most of these recommendations can adequately assist in the acoustic balance and reduction of fuller echoes within the auditorium.

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