The Fun Ship Experience at Carnival Lines

The “deliberate” strategy used today by Carnival Cruise Lines is fun ship positioning strategy. Carnival has chosen to incorporate the element of fun as the main theme of its services. It promises fun and fun to its customers during their cruise. It has numerous fun activities for old people, young couples, and families. In my opinion, this strategy is appropriate in today’s cruise line environment where many people are taking vacation, largely for fun purposes. Other cruise lines have adopted the fun strategy and it is appropriate that Carnival has already gone a step further to ensure that it maximizes on the amount of fun that holidaymakers get from Carnival Cruise Lines in order to attain a competitive edge.

One of the socio-economic influences that can be attributed to the cruise line industry is need to provide different categories of cruise services that suit the needs of people with different social backgrounds. For example, offering catering services to vegetarians. In addition, offering cruise packages to various categories of people such as middle-class families, groups such as social groups or corporate groups, and couples. Need to incorporate physical activities during cruise is also another socio-economic influence attributed to the cruise line industry in the modern era. Many people are aware of the need of engaging in physical activities for healthy reasons. This has become so populous among the holidaymakers: the middle class and upper class individuals and families. Carnival Cruise Lines’ strategies are in line with these influences. This is because Carnival has packages for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Its packages also have different kinds of services for different people. This allows people of different socio-economic backgrounds to find suitable packages and have fun. Besides, Carnival offers many outdoor fun activities during cruises, thus being able to keep in line with the lifestyle of the holidaymakers.  

In future, Carnival Cruise Lines can consider collaborating with other players in the hospitality industries such as hotels. For example, Carnival can partner with a hotel located along the coastal line of Indian Ocean where during the cruises, the ships can make stopovers and have the holidaymakers dine and party in the hotel before proceeding with the cruise. Carnival can also partner with hotels located in various countries with attractive tourist sites such that, during stopovers, the hotels can take the holidaymakers for tours around these countries. These can improve the management of their operating environment through attracting not only different kinds of holidaymakers, but also business travelers. This would ultimately lead to increased market share, and thus, reduced competition.

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