The Future of Energy

Coal is The New Oil

Rising oil and gas prices have made people revert to relying on coal as a source of energy. Coal is an efficient and clean substitute for other natural gases. It is formed from the accumulation of ancient plants over a long period of time without the presence of oxygen. Coal is one of the most important fossil fuels we have today. In comparison to other countries, the United States has more coal than any of them.  Although it may be difficult to believe, coal plays an important role in the harvesting of other renewable energy. When the rest of the world has run out of natural gas, petroleum and coal, the United States will have a surplus to meet its needs and the needs of other countries. For this reason, I believe coal will be the main source of energy in the future for the United States and other areas.

Due to the large quantity of coal in the United States it can be mined practically anywhere and used to make electricity. Mining coal is notoriously known for its dangerous conditions. I believe when its exploration is extended in the future the conditions for coal miners will significantly improve. Coal currently generates a great deal of the electricity the United States produces. Liquid fuels like methanol and gasoline are produced primarily through the use of coal. This fuel is cheap and easy to find, unlike its counterparts oil and gas. Thirty-four of the fifty states in the U.S. have abundant coal supplies. Coal is sold by the ton; oil is sold by the barrel. This concept gives you an idea of how abundant this fossil fuel is. Coal can be transported over long distances without building expensive underground systems.  By using coal we eliminate the fear of pipe lines blowing up and leakage of whole towns. Nonetheless, this fuel is very combustible when started and therefore produces large quantities of energy.

In conclusion, nowadays coal already plays a huge role as a source of energy in the United States and abroad. In the future this demand will increase. Due to such a surplus supply of coal the United States will become an energy power house sought after by other countries.

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