The Future of the Entertainment Media Industry and My Contribution In It

Walt Disney Company is a diversified international media enterprise with five segments entailing: media network, studio entertainment, parks and resorts, consumer products and finally interactive media.

Disney Pixar, an animation studio under the Walt Disney Studios, has acted as an eye opener to me in many ways. This is because I have been able to receive world class training. In addition, it has partly boosted my self confidence. However, I believe, that with time I will still be able to boost my self-confidence to an optimal level, once I actualize my career.

Disney Pixar has also acted like a home to me as it has provided a forum for me to interact and socialize with the outside world.

My contribution to the Disney resort and the entire industry is wide and varied. This ranges from skills and services that I have offered to the entertainment’s shpere at one time or another. Some of these skills and services entail directing plays, producing scripts and active participation in advertisement programs.

As animator, the kinds of work I have managed to engage are creation of multiple images, which brings illusions of movements, in other words – animation. Consequently, I ended up acquiring excellent skills in film production, mass gaming and internet.

In conclusion, therefore, I would like to place my sincere request that you consider offering me the scholarship to actualize my passion in the entertainment industry. I would be looking forward to cooperating with your esteemed institution and obeying its regulations where applicable.

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