The Impact of Feminism Movement on Leisure Choices

Feminism and leisure have a global implication. However, research indicates that the two have no correlation. There are growing concerns about goals of freedom embedded within the field of feminism. Proponents of feminism movement constantly seek for equity among all people on the universe. This implies that every person has a choice to decide on what is good for them including women. Moves to deter women from making rationale choices in different perspectives of life indicate a low level of civilization. On the other hand, feminism in relation to leisure inclines on a broader understanding of the attitudes and perceptions regarding leisure experiences. In this regard, feminism movement has had a lot of influence on people’s choice of leisure activities.

According to some scholars, feminism is all about offering people a wide range of opportunities and avoidance of restriction based on gender. Feminism movement has had a great impact on the choices of leisure especially when it comes to diversity and women leisure. In the past six years, information on leisure based on feminism indicated a huge concern with the differences among women and the efforts to fathom how gender coupled with other lifestyle aspects to generate chances and conflicts to leisure. In the past, there was no feminism movement and this gave men a greater opportunity to undertake some leisure activities. Leisure was restricted to men as women had their place within the society. All women focused on remaining at home to take care of their children as well as their husbands. However, because of feminism, women have an equal chance to participate in leisure activities.

In the contemporary society, there is need to recognise diversity and historical-cultural specific gender experiences and relations. People vary is their abilities as a result of intellectual differences. This makes it possible to decide on what is good for a woman as well as a man. Because of feminism movement, there is a general understanding that people are autonomous and therefore they require equality and freedom. To deny a woman an opportunity to take part in leisure activities contravenes the contemporary belief of gender justice. It is possible for a woman to make independent decisions as long as their leisure activities do not affect the freedom of other members within the society.

The world today has changed in favour of women to participate in a wide range of leisure activities. As a result, most women demand for opportunities for leisure as a move for social transformation. It is possible to seek for responses in terms of what if acceptable for women so that the universe becomes one place for social coexistence. Currently, the variation in leisure patterns between men and women is closing down since the initial assumptions focused on biological disposition as opposed to the context. Due to feminism, more women can undertake civic and social role within the society. This makes them have more individualised leisure opportunities. This is because people are becoming more and more independent. Previous incidences of men dominance fail to stand the test of time allowing women to be more active than ever. Finally, feminism advocates for paid work opportunities for women. This is key to enhancement of women leisure activities. Leisure as indicated within the feminist movement has to consider contextual empowerment of women to evade incidences of victimization after taking part in particular leisure activities.

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