The Impact of Internet on Nursing Research

Internet is a very useful resource when carrying out research in any area of interest. Just like other disciplines, nursing requires research and makes use of the internet. Accessibility to internet has led to so many improvements in nursing research. The whole phenomena of research in nursing have undergone significant changes with accessibility to internet. The internet has provided more sources of information that inform the practice of nursing. Researchers can make use of the wide range of journals, reviews and books that have been made accessible remotely using the internet. Internet has also facilitated the remote working of researchers. Findings of research can easily be revealed through internet. (Parahoo,1997)

Storage of research information has been improved through internet. Researchers working on various projects have an easy time in storing their findings and research. From a global perspective, researchers in the field of nursing are now able to compare their work with other researchers in the world. This leads to improvement in their research methods and the adoption of new ones. By comparing various sources of information on the internet, researchers in the nursing field have improved their scope of knowledge unlike in the traditional methods of study.  The speed at which research in nursing is carried out has also increased because of internet access. This is because information in studies is very easy to find and compile. Analysis can also be carried out by different people in remote areas and their findings revealed. Essentially accessibility to the internet has facilitated easy access to information. Researchers have improved their strategies by using the internet. In general, internet has led to greater improvements in nursing research from organization to access of information. There are so many sources of information that are now being used to research in nursing. (Fitzpatrick, Kristen & Montgomery, 2004)

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