The Submarines

Identification of Context

This article will discuss the submarines in relation to technological advances. In boots discussion, the submarine is looked at as a powerful tool of war. It is highlighted as one of the most lethal war weaponry America has developed. With the advent of modern technology, the submarine has become more effective in combating insurgents. The inclusion of satellite technology, computerized systems, and fuel-efficient engines the submarine has been made to be more efficient, fast and undetectable. From boots discussion it can be seen that the US is the only nation in the world that has invested a lot in this technology. Until recent times, there has been no competition on submarine technology from any other country. China has recently shown some interest of developing this sea machine as war artillery.

The discussion also shows that these other nation have very poor or substandard military machines that are used by the navy leaving the US  as the only nation with the strongest and well equipped naval force in the world. The discussion also highlights the ease of such machines being attacked by the enemy. The current security installations in the sea are not adequate to protect such the submarines from dangers like the anti-ship missiles, mines in the sea among other dangerous weaponry that could render the submarines useless or destroy them. This discussion about the submarines is meant to bring to font on the levels of advancements done in this field, technological input and the countries that have invested or are planning to invest in the submarines.

From the passage boot suggests that there is no competition from any other country on Americas investment in to the submarines (pg 212). It is also evident that there is input of many technological applications in this vessel since its invention (pg 213). The submarines built by the US are equipped with nuclear power tanks and ballistic. The US has the largest number in the world, 54 closely followed by Russia, which has 16 (pg 213). The most important claims made by Boot about the submarines is the level of destruction they can cause and the how secure they have been made. Highlights on the future prospects about this military machine are also laid down.


Boots discussion on the item is bases from the American technology point of view. This gives biased information on the level of advancement on the submarine. Other nations’ efforts are just highlighted making this discussion seen as if it is describing the American submarine and not the submarine technology in the world. However, the examples given out by boot are relevant and give more credit to the discussions offered by Boot. From boots discussion I have gotten so much information about the submarine and therefore this discussion is clear and elaborate.

Boots discussion addresses the advancements made in the submarine technology. Boot fails to highlight that this technological other uses. The submarine can be used as a means of transport linking nations of the world and hence improving on globalization. Boot fails to highlight on what made this other nations to slow down their advancement in the technology of the submarine (Winston, & Edelbach, 2012). Boots description of the future of the submarines is also vague. Very little information is provided on this.

Boots discussion on the submarine gives an insight into the technology. This is purpose identified by this article. Therefore, from the discussion one is able to learn a lot about the submarines including the latest advancements done on the submarines. From his discussions the source of the technology is given, current advancements, and future prospects are also highlighted. He uses relevant examples on giving out the applications of the submarines.

Reflective Conclusions

Boots discussion about the submarines give answers to some questions as well as creating more questions. From the discussion it is seen that this is the liest utilized technology and yet it is amongst the safest. There is no date provided about the use of the submarines by terrorist groups begging a question why. Very few countries have invested in a submarine even though it could boost security.  Some of the questions left behind this limited use of the submarine what is causing it. Maybe it is very expensive or the technology of its construction is done in secrecy, or the countries that have the submarines are not willing to sell to others. The most important thing is that the technology is available and underutilized. The discussion offered by Boot are connected with other course books on this topic used in class. They all show that the advent of technology solves problems as well as creating others (Winston, & Edelbach, 2012). Technology is also highlighted as being under-utilized. The monopolies in technological advances are also highlighted. 

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