The Trials before Pilate

During the trials that Jesus underwent before all the kings are of great amazement to the teachings and lessons Christians should desire to learn and emulate. When Jesus was taken before Pilate, the chief priests and church elders accused Him by presenting false testimonies against Him. To the amazement and surprise of Pilate, Jesus never objected nor uttered any word of defense concerning the accusations. “But Jesus made no reply, not even to a single charge – to the great amazement of the governor” Matthew 27: 14.

In Luke 27: 11-14, the presentation of trials that Jesus faced were further elaborated to Him by Pilate unlike in Matthew, here Pilate is thoroughly scrutinizing and pressing Jesus to answer to the charges bought against Him by the chief priest and the church elders. These two stories present a common underlying fact that amazed the king in both presentations. Jesus never uttered any word against his defense. This character greatly and strangely amazed King Pilate that even after been accused of such wrong doings, Jesus remained quite despite the seriousness of the offense. Jesus as portrayed in both gospels never replied to all the charges brought against Him.

However, there is a difference that is identified in the presentation of Luke’s reporting about Jesus trials. The Gospel of Luke has outlined the charges that chief priest and the church elders had brought against Jesus unlike in other two stories. Pilate in this case pronounced his judgment to Jesus in front of the crowd where the people objected and presented more accusations towards Jesus.

In conclusion, Jesus replies to all the accusations presented in the three stories are of a similar manner. While asked about his identity, Jesus replied with a phrase, “Yes, it is as you say” which is repeated in all the three stories.

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