The Way of Life in Belize

Key Words

Globalization – It is the increased interaction of people, culture, and economic activities across the world (found on pages 311, 312, 313, 314, and 315).

Independence – It is a situation whereby the people or residents of a given country, state, or region exercise self-governance. This entails a situation where formulation of rules governing the people or residents of a given country or state are not dictated by outside forces (found on pages 310, 311, 312, 313, 316, 319, and 320).

Rice and beans – This is a type of food, which is a combination of cooked rice and beans. Preparation of rice and beans entails washing the rice and boiling it is water until is cooks, preparing cooked beans into a stew, and then serving them together (found on pages 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, and 319).

Main Argument

This article discusses the way of life in Belize since its independence, 25 years ago. The author of the article states that Belize has become both more and less independent since the end of British colonial rule (Wilk 310). This is because Belize has successfully formed itself into a nation, but has lost its culture and it largely depends of borrowed culture including staple food. Wilk states that the reason as to why Belize has been unable to maintain its culture is due to the globalization trends, which started taking effects in Belize since early 1900s (311).

Wilk looks at the history of rice and beans, which is the staple food of Belizeans. He states that traditionally, rice and beans was not Belizeans staple food. In fact, rice was not grown in Belize in the past. The Spanish introduced it during the Spanish invasion (313). Wilk state that the people of Belize used to grow black beans but not the red beans used to make rice and beans meals. Rice and beans became Belizeans staple food after the Belizeans began to depend largely on imported food. Currently, Belizeans are consuming many imported food products as opposed to locally produced food products. Wilk states that the overdependence of imported goods by Belizeans is based on the perception that Belizeans hold since colonialism that imported goods are better than locally produced goods (315).

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