Torture includes activities like searing with hot iron, electric shock treatment for the genitals, cutting off parts of the body, severe beatings, applying thumb screws, being made to crouch in the Z position for a long time and denying water food and sleep for sometime. All the fore stated activities involve infliction of severe physical pain and where not there is exhaustion and mental suffering. Therefore, torture is the intentional infliction of extreme physical suffering on a non-consenting defenseless person.

Torture can be induced in cases where a confession is supposed to be obtained by breaking a person’s will, to obtain relevant information concerning some aspect, to punish a wrong doer and to coerce the sufferer or others to behave in a certain way to get to some conclusion.

Torture is morally wrong as it consists in part the intentional infliction of of severe physical suffering and secondly it intentionally, considerably curtails of individual autonomy. Torturing an innocent victim to death is worse than murder as it involves torture in addition to murder. It is also wrong because the time which the victim is under torture is surely worse than being alive during that time

Torture though not legitimate can sometimes be justified. Like in a case where a person is launching a bomb in a place with very many inhabitants and the suspect is apprehended, who can disclose the location of the bomb to save lives, if the apprehenders can obtain the information from the suspect then torture can be socially justified. Lastly torture warrants are undesirable and indeed a threat to liberal democratic institutions.

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