Tourism Analysis

Whenever the word tourism is mentioned, the common assumption is that one has to travel to far off destinations so as to be a tourist. The traditional idea of beach holidays in the name of tourism is rapidly fading today. People prefer to travel around soaking up the culture and history of the places they live in.

The US has a wide variety of tourist attraction sites and events that are appealing to both local and international tourists. These attractions and events range from museums, historical buildings and landmarks, national parks, golf courses and even sporting events. When the thought of touring the country crops up, one quickly thinks of sites like the Empire State building, the Hollywood walk of fame or the Statue of Liberty; indeed, these sites invoke awe and admiration after all. They are ranked among the most viewed tourist attraction sites.

However, in my point of view, there is nothing that comes close to the Golden Gate Bridge that connects San Francisco to San marina. There are fewer images that are as stunning as the image of the Golden Gate. It is a tourist attraction site that was constructed with an aim to build a connection between two counties, taking into consideration the fact that before its construction, one had to use a boat to get to the other side. The mere site of the bridge on a photo leaves one with awe and dismay. It attracts people to view it. The site is characteristically an iconic landmark that is famous over the world due to its design and structure.

The most amazing discovery that I made when I visited the bridge, is that, at the time the bridge was constructed, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world covering over 4200 feet. At the time of its construction, the original color was to be grey, but it was thought to be too dull and thus orange vermilion, called international orange, was picked due to the fact that it complements the surroundings and enhances the bridge’s visibility in the fog.

One thing that attracts you to the Golden Gate Bridge is its amazing design and structure. It has a rather unique design to say the least; its design is unacceptable from a visual point. The fact that it actually exists makes it all the more appealing to the eye. The actual site of the bridge can only be described by the most superlative terms. The view from the bridge is captivating as the ocean breeze wipes your face, while the distance view captures your wildest imaginations.

However, one blot on the captivating bridge is that it has a record of having the highest number of suicide deaths. Thus, most people find it as a suitable spot to commit suicide by jumping into the ocean. This is perhaps one blot on the otherwise spotless tourist attraction site.

The Golden Gate Bridge has a number of strengths. Firstly, the bridge is easily accessible. It is really easy to access the bridge as there exists a number of transport modes that one can use. For instance, bridge has both walking and cycling lanes and thus one can access it through walking or cycling depending on the distance. When walking, one can access the bridge from the Marina District to the East or from Baker Beach to the west. The eastern route is particularly popular due to the fact that the route takes one through the park. One can also access the bridge by driving or using bus transporting services.

Secondly, another strength of the Golden Gate Bridge is that it is surrounded by the famous national park, which allows tourists the opportunity to spend some time with their families as they enjoy the amazing site of the bridge. For instance, the Fisherman’s Wharf is one strategic park that provides added advantages to the bridge. The Fisherman’s wharf is responsible for providing a number of services and amenities, which allow families to spend extended time at the recreation area. It provides services like seafood restaurants, educates tourists of the rich history of the area and other services.

The bridge provides the best views of surrounding areas. Its strategic positioning allows one to have some of the most amazing views of different areas from different points of the bridge. Some of the areas that can be seen from the bridge include South Vista Point, North Vista Point, Land’s End, Barker Beach at the Presidio Park and Corizelman Road. It is a great view from an inlet near the bridge.

The Golden Gate Recreation Area is definitely an amazing tourist attraction site that I can recommend to an out-of-town tourist to visit. This is because, it provides a fulfilling experience when one gets to see the design, structure, length, height and even the color. It is surrounded by prominent parks, which enhance its reputation. The bridge itself is a historical and famous landmark considering the time it was constructed; it was the first of its kind. Its architectural uniqueness is still amazing even in the modern century. Indeed, the Golden Gate is marvelous in the lights of the rising sun the morning. Dim evening lighting makes it seem as if the spires of the towers disappear in the darkness.

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