True Story from My Life

One chilly afternoon in the month of September last year, I rushed into our house from the cold that was raging outside and turned a kettle on at least for some warmth. I was dressed in a cream, comfortable jump suit, a trainers and white coat, I was very tired of the chill that was in the air and also because the skies were grey, drizzling rain. There was also a promise of the cold winter after the summer which had not seen any sunshine. On that afternoon I lay on the bed while still planning on where to getaway during the winter. In my thoughts I closed my eyes and smiled when a thought came into my mind about being in a warm place which would be sunny and there would be blue skies.

Just as I thought my thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from my only sister, Jane, who called to inform me that she getting married early January in London and she was requesting me to be her maid of honor. I could not fathom what she was telling me because I had not even met her fiancé and even our parents had not met him since they had dated for only three months. There were alarming bells that were ringing in my head because I found too many things that needed to be done and also a lot of money that would be required.  This was further complicated since January is the middle of the winter when I was planning to travel. My sister was a dark, confident, petite but curvaceous, 28 year old pretty woman. Jane was well educated, intelligent, business savvy, well spoken and impatient, with a very sharp tongue which whipped everyone into shape. Jane also hated cold especially during the winter and this was one reason why I could not understand why she thought of getting married in January.

Jane informed me that this date was unchangeable though she informed me that she knew that I had already booked a holiday in the hot areas and she would understand if I did not make it for the wedding because it was for a short notice. I knew my sister well and felt privileged to be chosen as a maid of honor and I knew she would hold a grudge forever if I did not attend her wedding ceremony. I later agreed to be the maid of honor and therefore planed to travel to Egypt which was hot and then return three days to the wedding day which was four months away.

On the day that I was supposed to return to London, I missed the first flight from Hurghada to Cairo and this meant a great danger of missing the connection flight to Amsterdam. I however paid an extra cost in the next flight just to be sure that I would make it on time. When I reached Amsterdam, the next flight to London was grounded for so many hours especially due to foggy, bad weather in London. We waited for hours for the announcement of boarding which never came. The flight was then cancelled and I had to find other available alternatives.

I ran up and down in the Amsterdam airport and talked to so many airline staff in search of a flight to London. At last, I managed to exchange my ticket to some different airline that would fly to London Heathrow. I finally made it to the bitterly cold London at midnight although my wedding things and my bags did not arrive. I was informed that they were in the next flight but I waited for such a long time to no avail. Afterwards, I tried calling Jane but she could not pick up her phone and therefore I decide to go, luckily she opened the door when I rang the bell. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth because I was finally warm and home.

The following morning, Jane showed me the dress she had bought for me but I did not like it and therefore I dashed to all the major stores in search of a long dress which would fit me well and also I considered the weather. After a long and quick search, I found a golden dress that was warm and good looking. On the wedding day, I was woken up by an excited Jane who went to the salon to have her hair made. Guests arrived early ranging from our parents, our brothers, our relatives, our friends, and finally our in laws. We were however alarmed when it got late and the bride had not yet returned and the cars had already come in order to take the people to the church where the ceremony would be held.  

Two hours later, Jane came back though tears ran down her beautiful face and she explained it was because the professionals in the salon were too busy and therefore could not even do her make-up. It was not a very good day for me because as I tried to get out of her way, I twisted the right ankle and fell on my hurt left knee. The pain was so much because it shot to the base of my spine through the leg. The pain was unbearable and Jane did not take the pain into consideration and she scolded at me to hurry up despite the pain. My brother made fun out of the whole situation by saying that I made sounds similar to an elephant falling shaking the foundation of the building and everyone laughed though I was still in pain. After some time I was helped up by my friend, Susan, into the car where the bride was and we pulled away to church for the ceremony.

That was my story during the preparations of this wedding although the ceremony was colorful and ended well despite all the shortcomings.

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