What is a Hero?

There exist many ways and definitions to identify a hero. The image and characteristics of a hero usually change during the whole life. As a rule, a hero is considered to be anyone who is courageous, faces with problems, helps other people, saves those who are in trouble and others. A hero is also a person who gives up the life for another person’s life. Webster’s dictionary (2004) defines the word ‘hero’ as “a man of great strength and courage” or “any man admired for his qualities or achievements and regarded as an ideal or model” (Webster, 2004).

When we think about a hero, we think about a brave person who deals with dangerous situations in order to stop something bad and to save people. A hero is also associated with firemen, rescue workers, emergency personal, military officers and other people who have to be brave and save others due to their work responsibilities.

The concept of the hero has become controversial nowadays as a lot of claim that there are no heroes anymore. Here they mean people of great strength, braveness and courage. There is also an idea that in the age of information and technological progress the idea of a hero is given up; no matter how courageous, brave or inspiring are the actions of the person. However, looking at the definitions of a hero, it becomes obvious that such people do exist and they posses such qualities as grace, courage, goodness and many other positive treats of character which help them be ready to save lives any time.   

Thus, the word ‘hero’ is usually defined due to the mind of the beholder. The hero images have been constructed in works of fiction literature, myths and in reality. The perception of heroes changes over time. A hero may be broadly defined as he may be good or bad. Heroism is an inevitable feature of a hero which is not a learned trait, but rather inborn.

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