Who Killed Kennedy

Introduction of John F Kennedy

This is a brief introductory statement about who Kennedy was and the background of his political career.

Political Position of JFK

This section indicates the status of Kennedy at his assassination and what were the surrounding circumstances of his assassination. Who was he fighting for and against?

Assassination of JFK

This part shows in brief the assassination of JFK.

Conspiracy Theories

It is believed that somebody assassinated Kennedy but not many have come clear, not even the government about this assassination. A look at a number of conspiracy theories would give us a clue of how and who was behind the entire project.

Facts of Assassination

These include the known clues leading to the assassination attempts and final assassination of Kennedy


This section gives a conclusive remark of the topic and suggests whether the conspiracies were leading to the truth or not.

Works Cited/Bibliography

The references that have been used in this paper

Introduction of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

JF Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president of the United States of America. He is noted by many as a very charismatic leader. He has since left a legacy behind on how leadership must be upheld not as a master but a servant with the peoples’ interest at heart. His remarkable leadership has ensured that cynics look at Kennedy’s career and proclaimed that he was spoiled son whose success was inevitable.

Assassination of JFK

Anders record that Kennedy was killed by a high-powered rifle in Dallas, whoever did it and the reasons for doing it however were not made open or clear at the time but Kennedy died and this was probably the mission of a high profile team.  Almost all Americans at some point lived the history about the legendary John F. Kennedy and his mysterious assassination. A number of theories have been crafted t try and explain what the course of the death and the people who carried out the planning and the act of assassination itself.

Anders records that official answers to these questions were found in a report by Warren Commission. The following are theories that have up to date stood the test of time to become the evidence clue of Kennedy assassination:

The Cubans

This explanation has two variants that Kennedy was killed by a right-wing Cuban exile that at the time of Kennedy reign was in America and felt that the President had sold then out. Anders records that according to the report, Kennedy having refused to allow the American Army to participate in the exile army’s Bay of Pigs invasion and this was financed by the CIA hence the exiles became meat to the Castro fierce forces. This could have brought about rage and desire for revenge and so the desperate men had Kennedy assassinated and left one Oswald having been duped into following them as the pasty.

This is considered as one of the weakest theories that could result to the murder of Kennedy at the time but a more common theory is that Fidel Castro had Kennedy murdered in the reprisal for numerous attempts on his life b y a Mafia.

Scott states that Oswald was an informant investigating the presence of certain Cuban exiles that were backed by the mob and CIA. This could be a probable reason for using Oswald in the entire project and still manage to go free without any secrecy revealed for a very long time (1996).

The US Government

This is a very elegant theory and a choice for depicting what could really have happened. The most probable story is that of CIA faction that decided to do away with Kennedy for a number of reasons that include: a) Giving away Cuba which was a country that the Agency had worked so hard and struggled for, b) Murdered to prevent him from doing the same with Vietnam, c) As a response to a wave of firings Kennedy had ordered in the Bay of Pigs aftermath with the CIA director. There was fear that Kennedy was going to dissemble the intelligence established for misleading him about the state of Cuba.  He CIA faction was operating with ease in their home zone and rounded up a team of shooters from Cuba, Mafia and some other. Oswald who was also rounded up as a fall guy in order to dupe the public and as the day of the assassination approached, sympathizers in the Secret Service as well as Dallas police were given instruction and the operation went off with no hitch.

This CIA theory is considered satisfactory since it was the agencies that supplied the Commission investigating the case and therefore it means that a lot of information given was in a good state to mislead and destroy evidence and the witnesses all together.

The Mafia

This theory had required a lot more details in order to accept since details of Kennedy policies and his AG or brother were very instrumental. The family of the Kennedys took a much more aggressive stance against organized crime than most of the previous presidents. It is believed that during the time of Kennedy, the US mobsters had a very lucrative stake in casinos and were doing all within their power to get back their assets and resources together. This means that most mafia societies had to bring in money from Cuba and many noted that mafia worked with CIA to do away with Castro. It is then said that rumors of Kennedy having shared a mistress with a famous Mafia man, then jealousy had something to do with the death. Anders record that no matter the facts, it was clear that the mafia had the desire and the resources to fell Kennedy since the mob could have easily influenced the warren Commission and its FBI investigators. Even if Oswald was duped into the operation and silencing him after, it was however hard to imagine that a group as corrupt and in criminal syndicates could have kept this secret for 30years with no murder of anyone connected to the killing including Jack Ruby.

The ZERO game

It is well known that every American President since 1840, elected in a year ending in zero has died in office. There is however one exception of Ronald Reagan and John Hinckley to make a credible case. Lyndon write of a usual argument that the deaths are arranged for mystic numerological reasons or simply to toy with the people of the last free country on earth.

Facts leading to Assassination plus Conspiracy of Some Cover-up

According to Anders, certain obscure leaks had to be identified and these include:

  • One Philip Willis having taken a series of 12 photos of Dealey Plaza, where the President was shot minutes before and after the assassination. The photos and testimony indicate a shot of the Book Depository entrance shortly after the shooting. Willis later pointed out one man in the photo looking like Jack Ruby and the FBI agreed to the resemblance. It is very apparent according to Anders that the mention of Jack Ruby, an FBI agent does not appear to strike the Commission and does not show any interest. It later was evident that the report published by the Commission had a part of the Ruby lookalike face cropped. This is probably a much leading clue that the Warren Commission was a cover-up of something bigger and well known by the people whom the Commission reported to.
  • While the President’s autopsy was underway, Anders record that federal agents removed the X-rays of the body from custody of the examining doctors. The X-rays probably would be undoubtedly provided a valuable clue into determining the trajectories of the bullets that hit Kennedy hence the shooter’s location. These are neither alluded to in the report of the Warren Commission.
  • Lastly, the New Orleans District Attorney Jim has a story to tell according o Anders that a map of the route that Kennedy’s motorcade would take through the city that day. According to the map, the motorcade was to stay on the Main Street while passing through the Dealey Plaza, and this means that it would have passed by the Book Depository. It was apparent that the motorcade turned from the main Street onto Houston then Elm Street. This is recorded as unplanned very sharp turn that brought Kennedy to the focus of his assassin and the implication was that the car had to slow down to ten miles per hour (Anders, n.d). This sharp change was probably a very notable action and required certain prior plans to be made since it was a large city and the police as well as the entire government had to be aware. This was a spotting spree and definitely means that somebody was behind all the operations that were taking place.

This probably is not enough to conclude the assassination cover-up and who exactly was behind the killing. According to Marrs, powerful men in top US military, banking, government, intelligence and organized crime circles ordered their faithful agents to manipulate Mafia-Cuban-CIA pawns to kill Kennedy since they feared that he was about to upset their cart by undertaking certain radical moves such as pulling out of Vietnam, scuttling the oil-depletion allowance and eventually pursuing the organized criminal gangs (1993).

Marrs suggests that the conspiracies al surrounding the murder of Kennedy had left him to be a very close target to his assassins. He highlights how computer enhancements were done to prove that gunmen were positioned on the infamous grassy knoll from where a number of public witnesses state that they heard gun shots. Other photos seemed to show smoke at the six-foot level where they would be expected following the shots. Marr, state that a deaf-mute man a witness had informed the FBI agents of having seen two men exchanging rifles behind a picket fence moments before the assassination. Conclusively, Marr states that Oswald might have been duped with the Dallas police finding him about 90 seconds after the shots, calmly drinking a Coke that he had bought moments before after racing down some stairs. It is very clear that the government was involved with a couple of witnesses stating that they saw countless Secret Service agents present at the Dealey Plaza while official records of their logs indicate that none was located at the Plaza.


In the many contexts of the various theories that have been discussed above there are two broadly defined visions of the contexts of the assassination and they contradict largely:

Firstly, that the conspiracy worldview had the following to say (McAdams, 2008): Kennedy was a threat to many interests, he was going to withdraw from Vietnam and this many CIA and the army or agencies did not like. Thirdly the administration officials knew there was a conspiracy or were actually part of this conspiracy, that the administration feared the public learning about the conspiracy with a Warren Commission having been setup to cover-up. When the bureaucrats keep documents secret, it is to conceal wrongdoing on their part and lastly, the conspiracy thinking results from government lying and scheming something that led to the death of Kennedy. On the contrary the lone assassin worldview had the following to suggest that: Kennedy was a rather conventional politician, had not decided to withdraw from the Vietnam as suggested by the CIA, and that the administration officials believed Oswald to be the lone gunman. The administration also is said to have feared the consequences if the public came to believe that a communist nation had Kennedy killed, and a commission –Warren- sought the truth although it was excessively sensitive about the matters relating to national security and the Kennedy family. Then it is also suggested about the lone gunman view that bureaucracies had a culture of secrecy that leads them to conceal records for no good reason and where good reasons for keeping secrets exist, bureaucrats interpret them too broadly. Lastly, the conspiracy thinking results from a psychological process where people are unwilling to accept that the assassination had no broader meaning.

Looking at the two contradictory approaches suggest that someone was behind the killing and the government definitely was somehow involved. If not the government then probably agencies in connection to the secret service were very much aware of the major happenings of that day.

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