Why Smoking Should Be Banned

It is a fact that smoking cigarettes is harmful to the wellbeing of a person because it harms not only the people around the smoker through passive smoking but also the smoker himself. Research had proven that around forty percent of smokers seem to be mentally ill although the unknown condition remains if they had been in such a situation before they have started smoking. In any case, nobody can prohibit a person to smoke, however, it is wrong to harm other people by irresponsible behavior such as smoking, therefore, cigarette smoking in public places needs to be banned and discouraged by the concerned stakeholders.

Smoking has adverse effects on a person’s body, and, in the extreme cases, individuals die from smoking affecting their bodies. Smokers are at high risks of getting diseases such as throat and lung cancer, which often leads to death (Sweet, Richard N, and Laura Rose 456).  On the other hand, people who smoke put their lives at risk with other people scared of interacting with smokers because of the possible consequences. Smoking is known to have long term, as well as short-term impacts on a person’s health. The short term impacts take place after some years of smoking cigarettes with conditions such as coughing, nausea, wheezing, breath shortness, dizziness, phlegm production, reduced physical fitness, lung function inefficiency and rancid breath. Although, the effects might not be viewed as serious or even obvious at the time compared to the long term impacts associated with smoking. The long-term impacts are visible after many years of smoking. Smoking a cigarette is a habit people develop unintentionally; research shows that 45% of smokers commence smocking because of peer pressure. It is mostly through testing and a desire to fit in the multitude. It is obvious that this habit leads to death and other severe conditions. On the brighter side, people can quit smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable source of death worldwide. In the United Kingdom alone, data indicates that cigarette smoking leads to approximately 400, 000 deaths annually. It is a fact that, at the same time the efficiency of individuals is affected since cigarettes are expensive, they cost up to $ 160 billion in a single year. Cigarettes cause diseases in the bodies of smokers ultimately. Investigations indicate that in one death caused by cigarette there are 25 people tormented from a smocking associated disease.

These diseases cause redundant expenses of the state since an extra amount totaling to 70 billion is utilized on helping smokers affected by diseases caused by cigarettes. Smocking is a terrible habit since it harms all the vital organs of the body; affected parts of the body include the heart and lungs. It is common knowledge that this habit leads to severe lung cancer, coronary disease of the heart and the most feared disease called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The diseases cause premature deaths, and reports indicate that approximately 438, 000 young people die losing 5 million productive years.

The shocking exposure is that roughly 20% of all the adults in Canada smoke cigarettes indicating that nearly 45 million citizens smoke cigarettes in the country. Research points out that young people or the adolescents have reduced smocking gradually because of the effects of smoking. The dermatologist did not stress on the all the possible health effects of smoking, however, it was right of her to mention that smoking is harmful. The research points out that the smocking rates have reduced since the year 1997, although this decline has remained steady in the year 2005 representing a fact that smocking among the youth is not uncontrolled.

This decline can be attributed to the measures the state and society, for example, parents, police and employees in the medical field put forward to restrain cigarette smoking among adolescents and adults. The initiation into smocking is through the films, local channels and the Internet. It is evident that these habits picked by the youth emanate from the environment they stay and only through the society can they be helped to avoid death and other effects of smoking.

It is evident from the discussion above that smoking is harmful to any human being. Everyone should be campaigning at any time to reduce the amount of deaths caused by the smoking habit. The dermatologist did a morally right action by advising her client to stop smoking cigarettes. According to the notion of utilitarianism, the dermatologist is exercising what she understands is morality in relation to what she thinks is the most beneficial and reasonable thing to do for the patient. Currently, majority of individuals copy habits without knowing the consequences until they get addicted to cigarette smoking. Efforts to help such individuals are costly and time consuming, but the society has responsibility of helping those affected to stop (Rose, Laura, and Richard 345).

Women, who smoke, experience complications during pregnancy, have facial wrinkles, cancers, and heart diseases for both men and women. The varied forms of Cancer relayed to cigarette smoking are different, although, all of them might affect a smoker, who is at a constant risk of getting cancer. The different forms of cancers are pancreatic, mouth, lung, cervix, larynx, esophagus, breast cancer, bladder, and kidney cancer. Smoking is very harmful to both the mother and the unborn fetus because the drug goes into the bloodstream of the mother and then is passed to blood circle of the baby after crossing over to the placenta (Rose, Laura, and Richard 234). The impacts of the toxins found in cigarettes are harmful to the baby and lead to reduced baby weight, abortion and even death. Tobacco smoking has been known to have negative impacts of smoke related ailments and cost a lot of money to treat the diseases. Therefore, there is an urgent need to ban smoking among the population.


Smoking is harmful to both non-smokers and smokers as tobacco smoke damages people’s health. Smokers often take in a large amount of toxic elements in their bodies such as carbon, nicotine, ammonia, and monoxide every day. People who are related to smokers are in one way or another suffering from smoking linked diseases. Passive smoking results to some health complications such as lung cancer and respiratory diseases. Smoking remains a very dangerous habit among pregnant women, as well as children. Consequently, it is vital to ban cigarette smoking in public and private places. Another unfavorable influence associated with smoking is that the diseases cost a large amount of money to treat and cure smoking linked illnesses. Smoking, which is a habit or, at times, an addiction among many people, forces them to spend a lot of money to satisfy their desires. The outcome of smoking means that the more they continue to smoke the more serious the diseases they are suffering become. The diseases associated with smoking cause high expenses for treatment and, at times, even death, therefore, necessitating the need to ban smoking in public places.

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