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Marriott International, Inc. is a leading name in the hospitality industry. The corporation has currently over 1100 managed properties under 18 various hotel brands in more than 65 different companies (Marriott, 2012). The company offers potential job candidates a promising future with a lucrative job in the sphere of hospitality with fourteen different career paths from accounting and finance to human resources, architecture and room management (to name a few). Internships and training opportunities that vary from 12 to 24 months make a career at this company feasible for people from different disciplines and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Marriott International, Inc. is constantly offering positions around the globe as they become available within existing locations and with the emergence of new ones. Internship and management training are the corporation’s biggest hiring focuses. Arne Sorenson, the corporation’s new CEO, recently travelled to hotel locations in Brazil, where, according to its General Manager of the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel, there is “major growth potential” for Marriott (Marriott, “News,” 5 April 2012).

As reported on the company’s website, Marriott International, Inc. are looking for “diverse and high-performing individuals, passionate about working in the hospitality industry and have the spirit to serve for which we’re known around the world” (Marriott, 2012). Companies recruiting team members are available to assist candidates in the application process. Among the skills of training recruits that the company aims at for its internship and management are leadership, managing execution, relationship building, professional talent, organizational capability and the ability to generate talent (Marriott, 2012).

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