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Native Americans had strong beliefs in the culture. They had the notion that everything is sacred considering the earth and the environment. They believed that everything in this world has a purpose, and native spirituality resonated with love, respect and honor. Native Americans valued the mother earth, creators and all the living things, a move to have a personal touch with the environments and everything around people. They believed that they are part of everything and everything is part of them, meaning that all are one. Native Americans believed that the elders kept the culture alive and that they had answers to challenging problems. This paper will seek to show how human beings have the responsibility of maintaining ethical relationships with the environment and religion, by conserving the ecosystems.

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This has since changed and people no longer have the love, respect and honor to the religion and the environment. Global warming, an environmental hazard has been fueled by the human activities. People no longer conserve the environment. They are after consumption and greed. Affluenza is an extreme condition in materialism that identifies with excessive desire for the material gain. People in the American society have become greed. The culture has changed to ‘me-me’ setup of individualism. This is clearly documented in the Affluemza documentary that indicates the environmental dilapidation on the basis of self gain.

People no longer care for the environment as well as for the other people. They are concentrating with material gain destroying the image of Native American. This has seemed not to work considering that the elders in the American society has failed to guide the current generation. ‘Is God Green’ documentary has reflected on the environmental destruction. This translates that the generations to come will not enjoy beautiful environment as we do. People are after conspicuous waste, conspicuous leisure and conspicuous consumption. They are living today and not caring for the future, a trait that does not identify with the Native Americans.

Religion plays a vital role in shaping the attitude of people towards the environment. This is outright considering that the current generation has changed as compared to the Native American religion identifying with the Judeo Christian tradition. Religion plays critical roles in the environmental issues resonating with Islam, Hinduism and Marxism. The world was created wholly for the benefit of man. Man has in turn changed from a caretaker to a destructor. Nature is very unforgiving, once spoilt; it will strike back with devastating effects. The environmental ethics among the American society has been eroded. There are three models that the society must address in regards to environmental conservation, the 3R’s model meaning; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This will eliminate or significantly reduce the current mindset of the Americans relating to Consuming discarding. This represents the changed views that if observed will encourage an environment rebuilding as the Native Americans believed.

Culture change translated to going back to the roots. It has been observed that Christianity teachings in the Western World separated nature from the humans. This is the reason people no longer conserve the nature. This is different from the standpoint of the Native Americans. Naïve Americans fully identified themselves with the nature, this is the standpoint that the Americans should review and get back on the track. It is the responsibility of the Americans to protect the environment, there is nobody from outside who will do it. This form cultural decay should be addressed with urgency. 

In animalistic religions like the Hindus, they believe that there are spirits in the trees, springs and mountains, this is critical in indicating that Hindus identifies themselves with the environment.  This notion of protecting the environment was observed by the Muslims, as well. Muslims believed that God created the universe including the life and the earth, and that the human beings hold custodian in conserving it. Christians believes that man was given the mandates of exploiting the environment. Christianity is considered complex in nature, different faiths have different expectations in regards to the environment.

Environmental ethics are lacking among the current generations, it is the high time that people living in the world realize that ‘killing’ life is ‘killing’ the environment. Global warming is an example of effects relating to environmental dilapidation. Global warming is the increase in the average temperatures in the atmosphere of the earth. This has caused climatic changes that have seen devastating environmental effects. The temperatures will continue rising if the environmental ethics are not considered to a point that the earth will not support life.

Religions should preach green to conserve the environment. This is the spiritual standpoint that will have an impact on the ecology. Humans have caused environmental damage, for the people to make a change in environment; they must understand the reason behind why they behave so. Changes in the environmental conservation are best done from inside out. Understanding human behavior towards environment is critical, once people reason together, then they can make a commitment to environmental conservation. It is worth noting that human life is not that important than other life’s on earth. Trees have life and must be conserved.

The human desire to self satisfaction hence destroying ecology must be discouraged and termed as irrelevant. People must turn back to the beliefs of the Native Americans. The notion of speciesism should be discouraged at all costs. A holistic approach will do wonders in the environment conservation. It is the high time that people considered maintaining the natural resources. Humans, animals and plants all depend on one another in an ecosystem; destroying one factor indicates that the whole society is affected.

Consumerism is a dangerous way of life considering that people put unnecessary weight on the natural resources without planning strategies for re-growth. The human populations in the world have been increasing and the natural resources reducing drastically. The world has faced extensive pollution destroying the ecosystem. It is worth noting that by reducing consumerism and encouraging sustainable production methods, then the environmental conservation would be automatic. The issue of big business destroys the environments; governments have noted this effect and put in regulations on environment conservation.


Environmental management is related to the management of human ethics in conserving the environment. Natural resources in the world are finite and scarce. The conservation of environment therefore identifies the sustainable human development. Environment is key and complex as it supports coexistence of living things. It is therefore worth maintaining healthy relationship in the environmental, social, economic and cultural issues at all time. The Mother Nature should be conserved as the Native Americans demands. Environmental management can only be effected by setting the standards and the systems to be obeyed by the human population in the world. Global warming is not an issue of a single country; it is a global challenge that requires incorporation of support from people of all regions and cultures throughout the world. It is vital considering the state of the future environment, if the future is not desirable, then output too will not be pleasing. People should therefore change lifestyles and embrace love, respect and honor to the environment as the Native Americans transpired. Such change will significantly enhance environmental sustainability.

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