Advertisement Analysis Nike

Nike is one of the largest sportswear sellers in the world. Their logo is a ticker which is in conformity with their slogan “Just Do it”. They produce outfits and gears for many sports. They are one of the largest makers of football shoes. They promote these shoes with the claim that these shoes make players take control of their game by showing full skill and power. Their latest campaign with the slogan “My Time is now” is also aimed at this. Nike ads usually include exhibition of unique football skills with the endorsement of celebrities to attract their target audience.

The commercial under review is also a part of Nike’s campaign “My Time is now”. It is a campaign aimed at selling all ranges of Nike football shoes (Nike - My Time is Now). The commercial starts with the set of a football field with an ongoing match and at a very intense moment, an unknown player interrupts the match with an eye-catching header. This player is in the Nike Academy outfit. After this, field is stormed by hundreds of such young players who start to play their own game. Meanwhile, the managers like Gardiola who manages big clubs like Barcelona take note of them. These players are guided by current young stars like Ozil, Chichirato, Xavi, Wellback and Pique. They are the current players of the well known soccer clubs, who eventually join them. The commercial ends where Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most famous football players of the time enters the field in a shirt that is too short for him after which the slogan comes “My Time is now” and “Make it Count”.

The commercial is mainly targeted at the youngsters who love football and want to play like the big stars shown in advertisement. This is in line with the idea of Nike academy which support young aspiring players for training. This commercial brings out the athleticism associated with the brand image of Nike which urges one to go to his limits and give his best performance at every instant. This can also be explained through the content of add. First of all, all the players shown in add are young players. Second, all of them are in the Nike Academy outfit except for some players who are considered mature and are icons for football loving youngsters of today. Thirdly, the slogan of the campaign is such that it is targeted towards the youngsters. It urges them to take control of the game and show the critics and the whole world that they have the potential. The “My Time is now” is this very notion of “rise and shine”. Furthermore, all the icons are shown in other outfits while the youngsters are shown in academy outfit which shows that it is about them. However, this commercial is not strictly targeted at the players who have enrolled in the Nike Academy. Purpose behind this communication is to strengthen market positioning of Nike shoes that good players perform better with Nike shoes. This advertisement effectively communicates a message that now is the time for the youngsters to take charge from big players. They need to control the game and Nike football shoes are the perfect product for them.

As mentioned above, the commercial includes numerous celebrity endorsements that are used to convey the message effectively and to attract the target audience. In addition to that, country music has been used in the background that is associated with the free spirit environment of the countryside which is also seen in the playing style of these players. Both of these factors are in line with the product message. If considered in visual perspective, this commercial includes close-ups of shoes in the field encircled in background billboards of the product and endorsed with the facial expressions of celebrities in admiration of young players. Furthermore, the slogan is such that it instigates energy and athleticism in youngsters after which the message appears “Make it Count”. All of these factors incorporated together to make this a very powerful and communicative commercial. Overall this commercial is successful in reaching its target audience and conveying its message.

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