An Integral Role of Communacation

Communication plays an integral role not only in society but also in facilitating cohesion and productivity from an organization perspective. Coordination and consistent development is vested on the scope of interaction as well as communication within a particular entity. Notably, communication channels are broad and their deployment is based on the nature of information. Therefore, particular information is conveyed via particular communication channel in order to reach the intended audience in the society. However, in the current era of technological advancement coupled with the speedy process of globalization innovative communication channels have emerged. Blogs represent a major communication avenue utilizing technology comprehensively to reach a wide range of audience in different parts of the globe. Though blogs boosts communication in respective industries either for formulation, implementation or marketing operations they pose as a hindrance to effective communication. In order to meet the pre-established objectives of blog comprehensive comprehension as well as relevant application is paramount. In case the fundamental requirements of utilizing blogs in communication are not adhered to adverse effects are noticeable not only from the source but also among the audience. Based on the importance of communication in the society inadequacies in the fundamental stages of application culminates to inaccuracies in attaining preferred results. In order, to achieve comprehensively the intended objectives of blogging inadequacies should be resolved, precise application should be evident and understanding the actual content.   

Notably, adverse effects emanating from blogging in communication are scandalous especially in the corporate sector. Communication developed from blogging can result to intense damage either from material or reputation perspective. The issue of miscommunication hampers proper coordination, cohesion in utilization of scare resource within an institution. The fact that interaction is paramount in the current competitive society, communication from technological perspective not only broadens partnership but also promotes capacity of an organization to penetrate a dominate in particular industry. However, blogging can halt the established development in case fundamental aspects of its deployment are not effective and precise. From personal perspective and experience blogging can boost the interactive nature of an organization; on the other hand it can cause serious adverse effects in case miscommunication arises.

On this ground, application of blogs in communication should be based meticulous consideration on the content as well as the developed perception to the intended audience. Selection of word in order to communicate effectively is crucial in blogging. For instance communication can involve development in a particular direction and can infringe with the previous corporate position on particular issue. In order to achieve the actual intension of communication selection of word is crucial. Therefore, incorrect wording can culminate to miscommunication as well as damage to the entire organization. Due to miscommunication on the basis of incorrect wording and planning of communication a serious adverse effects can arise. The notion of diversification in the globe portrays cultural disparity in society as well as core values of respective communities. Notably, blogging is geared towards facilitating interactions with various communities from different parts of the globe. However, in order to reach the intended audience and effectively communicate upholding cultural disparity is curial as well as establishing an accommodative platform for culture diversity. From personal experience insensitivity of blogs to cultural diversity in the society acts as a basis towards miscommunication in case cultural values are infringed. The notion of culture poses as an identity to various communities in the globe and upholding the established social-cultural structure is not only crucial but also an apt avenue to integrate and communicate effectively. On the other hand insensitive culture to cultural structures can cause intense damage on reputation, capacity to interact effectively and facilitate diversification. Though the fundamental objective of blogging is geared towards mutual interaction miscommunication halts initial intentions.                

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