Are Cell Phones Dangerous

Cell phones have given a new image to the communication industry. The way of communication has totally changed with the onset of the new technology. Initially, before the development of cell phones, information used to take long before it reached the target. For example, the use of letters to pass a message was slow. The message could take more than five days before the recipient received it. Currently, almost everybody in the world owns a cell phone. It has become a necessity of many people all over the world.

Cell phones are now the first priority gadget, either of a younger person or an elderly one. Most people are equipped with the newest cell phones models, and everybody has its own motive to have this magical gadget. Almost every day new models replace the older cell phones to entice the users. The most fascinated users, particularly the youthful generation, are extremely affectionate of the newest features that are found in new gadgets (Alok, 2012)

The first time when the cell phones were introduced to the community, they were expensive, bulky, and some required a base unite so as to be transported along with the cell phone. Excellent reception was a key problem. Early cell phones were only used in the specific areas where the signals were strong. When the technology of the cell phones progressed, the complexity of using them become less of a challenge. Nowadays, the reception of the cell phones has improved as a result of using wireless technologies and satellites. As the cell phones advanced and became easy to use, their significance increased accordingly.

As a result of the advancement in wireless technology, service providers offer admirable packages and promotions for the users. It is no longer an issue to find a reliable service provider. The growth of the wireless service provider sector provides cell phone users a preference and the augmented competition, which lead to a drop in prices of the wireless service. The use of cell phones goes beyond the ability to make or receive calls. Phone users can instantaneously send data to the office or home, use their phones as PDA, store photos, and songs, which can be transferred to computer, and even use their cell phones to check an email.

Cell phone is the ideal way to be in touch with others, and it provides users with security. In case of urgent situation, availability of a cell phone may allow reach hastily and could probably save lives. The significance of the mobile phones goes beyond an individual safety. Current cell phones are capable of accessing internet, sending, and receiving files, and some are equipped with GPS, which allows the cell phone to be located in the event of loss.

The manufacturers of cell phones have fabricated an extensive variety of cell phones that are sold for prices that vary from inexpensive to more than one thousand dollars. This gives the users an option of purchasing a necessary cell phone for making and receiving calls only or choose a complex, hi-tech cell phone that can do many tasks as home computer. Over the last years, the rising importance of mobile phones has made them a necessity for many people. Both remote and developing countries have access to mobile phones wireless technology services.

Cell Phones are as also prominent for camera features. Imaging has also been discovered due to point-and-shoot cell phone cameras. Cell Phones nowadays are comfortable because of the extensible memory features. The users of this facility are able to store several files and multi-media contents in their phones. Some cell phones have a hard disk installed in them, which augmented the capabilities of the phone memory enormously. Today cell phones can be expanded up to 32 GB of memory.

Accessing Internet has become mandatory in several professions. Upholding cell phone also substitutes laptop by making it possible to have an access to the Internet. As a result, the service providers have provided a variety of Internet services to users, for example, mobile banking, news and stocks updates among others. They are also recognized for a number of style upholding, which largely relies on the replica of cell phone that an individual buys.

Besides the basic use of the cell phones, some service providers have also invented ways of sending and receiving money through cell phones. This service is extremely influential in case of emergency where money is needed urgently, and banks may not be easily accessible during that time. In order to be successful with this service, providers have their agents distributed all over the country at which they offer their services. Some service providers have developed systems that allow users to connect their cell phone account with their bank account. The systems will allow users to deposit and withdraw money from their bank using their cell phones without physically travelling to their bank.

Many businesses have flourished as a result of cell phones. Merchants all over the world nowadays are connected and can easily communicate from different countries through the cell phones. For example, a businessperson can make orders by conducting his business partner by simply making a call instead of travelling to meet the partner. Many merchants from different countries have a network connecting them together, and whenever they want to have a talk, they can simply use the cell phone conferencing features to hold their meetings. This feature will save their time and allow them to hold meeting frequently when they are not in one place.

Short message service (SMS) has also popularized the use of the cell phones. The service has made it easy for the cell phone users to send messages and nearly eliminated the traditional system of posting letters. Using SMS service is remarkably fast and convenient because it is possible to tell when the text message has been received due to the availability of message delivery report. The feedback can be faster if the recipient has received the message and responded to it, which would take much more time while using letters.

Although cell phones are useful and important, there are also a number of dangers that are incurred in the process of using them. Cell phones are radio gadgets that use radiofrequency energy that releases electromagnetic radiation. They function at low power by sending and receiving electromagnetic radiation in the radiofrequency ending of the spectrum (ISSN 2250-3153). At a distance, tissue and smash molecules can absorb the radiation, which is known as “ionizing.” Cell phone and its antenna, which is the basis of radiation, are held against the head (“Cell phones, cancers…”, 2012).

A number of criminal activities, which involve the use of cell phones, have been witnessed all over the world. International criminals can plan commission of a crime using their cell phones either by sending text or communicating with each other through the internet. Other crimes that are reported having been conducted are conning and blackmailing. In developing countries where technology is still growing, conning and blackmailing incidences are exceedingly high. Many cell phone users who may not be aware of conmen are the main victims. For example, a conman can randomly send messages to many cell phone numbers informing them that they are among the winners of a certain amount of money from their promotion. They then asked them to send certain amount of money for transaction process. Once they receive the money, they switch off their phones never to be reached again.

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