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In our headline tonight, the race to the White House is still on as the Republican Party continue with the presidential primaries all over the country. There was a dramatic turn of events in yesterday’s presidential primaries polls at Louisiana. Rick Santorum, the second populous Republican candidate, won the Louisiana primaries after beating the most populous candidate, Mitt Romney. Santorum’s victory at Louisiana is an indication that Romney should not yet assume that he is the party’s preferred candidate for the position of the American president. With only 273 delegates against Romney’s 568 delegates, Santorum is optimistic that he still stands a chance to accumulate the required 1,144 delegates by August this year in order to secure the party’s nomination.

In other news, the US Congress has endorsed an overhaul on President Obama. The US Supreme Court is set to start the proceedings of the proposed overhaul of Obama’s health care bill. The biggest movers of the proposal to have an overhaul on President Obama’s health care bill are the Republicans. Although the court acknowledges the importance of the health care law, it has agreed to schedule hearing of arguments for and against the law, in order to arrive at a concrete conclusion. The court will give its ruling later this year.

Today, thousands and thousands of Syrians gathered in the city of Idib in Syria as part of the ongoing Syrian uprising. Syria has been locked with the uprising since March 15, 2011 in what appears to be part of the Arab Spring. The big crowd of people demonstrated in the city for they termed as undue use of force by the military during the uprising. They were protesting against deaths of civilians, who have been killed by the Syrian military over the last one year. Surprisingly, today’s protest in Syria was not chaotic as the others. The military did not open fire at the protestors.

And in sports, this year’s edition of March Madness has been interesting as ever. The session is almost ending as the final four prepare to battle-out each other in the finals. This year, Jayhawks will participate in the finals for the first time after their 2008 victory in the national championships. The expectations are high among all the final four, with each team expecting to gain the victory.

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