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Information is essentially the most powerful tool a business person can posses. Therefore, access and availability of adequate information is critical for growth to any given business. The nature of information is a crucial determinant of the decisions to make on the basis of it. As much as information is important, providers of information are invaluable. Where to find the providers of sufficiently adequate information is the key to creating meaningful connections, hence facilitating growth and development at a personal and business wise.

The necessity of personal networks is essential for meaningful and productive connections to manifest. These networks are essential in the provision of beneficial information, creating prospective business connections and integrating crucial resources to any given business. In an effort to understand the basics in creating healthy personal networks, an interview was conducted whereby creation of networks, methods and forums in which they are created was discussed. The benefits and shortcomings of these networks were also highlighted.

The interviewee, a Mr. John Mendez, the chief executive officer of a leading marketing and communications company illustrate a figure to admire in the marketing industry. His position as the chief executive officer entails among other duties, securing marketing contracts for his company. The marketing industry is highly competitive and requires significant exposure and integration with consumer products companies.

It is evident that, in his position, personal networks are critical in creating business opportunities at the same time gaining useful information on strategies to invoke and discard. His organization is an independent marketing and communications agency which specializes in marketing consumer products for other companies and advertising. Therefore, connectivity plays a significant role in contract acquisitions and the organization’s growth.

In my request for the interview, I indicated my desire to pursue marketing; therefore, he was the perfect candidate for my interview. This is because of his wide exposure to the marketing and communications industry. His ability to grow a small company to a significantly renowned corporation as a result of networking is a motivator to students like me. His ability to create personal networks and grow them significantly has made him a household name in the marketing industry hence the preferential marketer.

During the interview, I posed the following questions in an effort to understand the mechanisms behind his success in creating personal networks and achieving growth as a result of connectivity. These questions include;

  1. I.                   What does your job entail or how do you describe your duties?

 As the chief executive officer, overseeing the company’s operations, appraising performance, finding and implementing strategies that are growth oriented as well as making sure the company remains a going concern by sustaining our clients’ needs. This is achieved by giving our existing clientele exceptional services and recruiting new clients.

  1. II.                How did you get your current position? What experiences qualified you for the position?

After acquiring my sales and marketing degree, I got employed by a medium sized chain store as a marketing executive. The requirements of this position required significant interaction with potential clients in different settings. Essentially the objective was to market the products to various individual companies. It is at this time; I realized the connections and personal networks I created were crucial. During the years, I used these connections to recruit new clients and to gain information pertinent to the business.

  1. III.             How did you make connections and personal networks?

In the beginning of my career, the connections made were to individuals I was familiar to or had the same job description as I did. I realized that these individuals had similar ideas I did or approached work problems the same way. In this scenario, the connections I made were limited and redundant at times. I realized I needed to find a setting for interaction which is outside my job description. This would help me interact and connect with individuals who besides being different in career orientations, we could share a private moment with.

  1. IV.              What was the impact of your approach?

The results of my approach in evidence by this organizations command in the market. My decision to interact with other individuals in different careers and job description was a positive move. My previous network of like-minded individuals only stunted my growth. This is because decisions made whether good or bad were met by the same response. No one was willing to challenge or criticize the ideas put forward. Whereas in a setting where people are a different idea to a particular subject is criticized, analyzed and brainstormed. In these settings, I made more connections to individuals who under normal circumstances I would not. These individuals have proved to be resourceful and have made further connections through them. Hence, my personal network is numerous and significantly resourceful for the business.

  1. V.                 Do you derive any satisfaction from your job? Do your personal networks constitute part of your satisfaction?

Satisfaction is characterized by achieving ones objectives and goals. The chief executive officers job is satisfying when his company is able to achieve its vision and mission. In this case satisfaction is derived from the fact that the company has achieved significant growth and has endeavored giving clients value for their investments in our company. The personal networks are adequately satisfying since a critical number of clients have been found through these networks. In my opinion any successful venture, whether business, social, political or person cannot thrive without personal networks. The extent and nature of these networks are the crucial determinants of success and satisfaction.

During the interview, the role of personal networks was explained further, the nature of personal networks and their influences on personal growth. Techniques of forging wider constructive networks by using super connectors or brokers and using shared activities as a basis of creating personal networks. As a student, the interview was enlightening and educative. I was referred to Mr. Peter Wallace, a construction contractor and Mrs. Rosemary Atkins, an interior designer.

These individuals are well versed with the functions and benefits of personal networks and would offer further insight on the subject. I submitted my resume to him, and he suggested that I needed to find and engage in activities that involve people of diverse career and profession choices. This would enable my creation of significant personal networks. It is evident that personal networks and connections are essential to an individual’s progress and personal development.

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