Communication and Conflict

The case study involves conversations between members of a cast. They are in a location from where they are supposed to rehearse their roles in the show. Rogers is nervous despite the fact that he has directed many other shows before. Marla is overt confident while Tim and Risa are at loggerheads. This was because of differences in opinions. Risa was not willing to let go because he had put too much effort in the whole set. Risa was so angry that she started asking why the cast members never keep time. Marla was kind enough to calm her down by reminding her that theatre is a waiting game. Tim seconded her saying that theatre is so unfair because the cast members are the treated with much more importance than the crew. This wining came to a close when Rogers asked for help with the curtains.

Finally, the crew, Ned and Victoria arrived. To their surprise, they were not celebrated. The meeting began and Rogers noted that the show had to be a success. This was as per the directions of the director, Mr. Selig. He notes that in order to achieve this, they must first put on the table what it is that they wanted. Soon, Tim rushed out at the director asking him to state exactly what he wanted. At that instant, Mr. Selig pulled away Rogers and told him that the show had to be successful in order to increase their capital. He also noted that it was all up to Rogers to make that happen. Both the crew and the cast began shouting what they wanted and everyone was in frenzy. Rogers restored order and told them that the show was on and nothing was gong to stop it from running.

The main sources of conflict were the anger due to lack of recognition. This is clearly illustrated when Tim and Risa rush out about how the cast members are granted all the glamour and how they never keep time. Tim is so agitated that he wishes to leave the team work and do his stuff on his own. This is transferred to the shows director when he asks him to states what he really wants. His anger is portrayed through the tone that he picks with the director. The conflict resulting from this anger almost sabotages the process of running the show. When Tim and Risa come in, Tim suggests that Risa abandons her designs. This causes tension among the crew members.

Another source of conflict is lack of communication. This is because ambiguity could result in individuals doing things in a manner that the other party does not expect. As a result, the final product will not be desirable. Communication is very important when people are working as a team. This helps in understanding what other expect of us. Communication also helps in pointing out any areas that need to rectify before the situation gets out of hand. In the case study, the director expects the show to be success. However, he does not lay his expectations on the table. He leaves Rogers confused. The other members of the crew and the cast are also left in a dilemma. As a result, they will work towards achieving what they think the director wants. This might end up not being fruitful. This is because they may not be able to know what the director wants. This would have been easier if he had communicated with the crew and the cast. This way, they would have worked together towards attainment of the set goals as a team.

One of the solutions to the conflicts arising from the case study is always ensure that the communication channels are clear. Effective communication between team members is extremely crucial .This helps in sharing of ideas amongst themselves. It also aids in understanding what is expected of each team member. If Mr. Selig had clearly stated what he needed the cast and the crew members to do in order for the show to be successful, they have been able to execute their roles without any confusion. However, telling them he just needed it to be a success was ambiguous. This is because he did not clearly explain or give ideas of what they needed to do in order for the show to be successful.

Another solution to the problem of anger due to recognition, it is important for all team members to be recognized for their contributions in the teamwork. It is also important for the team members to respect each others work. It is inappropriate for a team member to disregard the work of their colleagues. For instance, Tim’s idea that Risa should do away with her designs was way out of line. As team members, it is vital to appreciate the value of each other’s efforts towards a successful completion of the task that they set out to accomplish. Appreciating one another will ensure that they are no hard feelings between team members. Eventually, they will be able to achieve their goals without necessarily contradicting each other. However, positive criticism is encouraged. This is because it leads to better quality.

In any team, it is extremely crucial to identify the goals in conflict and suggest possible solutions. This ensures that the entire team work together towards the attainment of a similar goal. At the end of the day, implementation of the identified solutions will lead to a successful completion of what they set out to achieve.

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