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Does Modern Day Communication via Social Networks Put an End of True and Sincere Relationships?

With the development of information technology, various social networking sites have emerged threatening to negatively revolutionize the ways of communication. People have been able to connect with new friends from all over the globe due to the social networking sites. However, apart from moving people towards forgetting the offline friendships, the modern day communication has been argued to have a negative impact on relationships, especially through its effect on privacy and the quality of friendship. By investigating this premise, this paper discusses the ways in which the modern day communication networks, like Facebook and Twitter, negatively impact on a true and sincere relationship.

Social media are very influential and powerful source that shape the way we live and interact in society today. For example; Facebook, Badoo, Twoo, LinkedIn, and Twitter continue to infest the minds of people, resulting in many negative consequences to relationships. I strongly believe that social media have eroded sincere relationships. This paper argues against the use of social media as a platform for building and maintaining relationships.

First, social media are responsible for loss of privacy in relationships. I agree with iCare Consulting (2011) that there can hardly be a strong intimate relationship when issues and differences between partners are shared with the public. Cases of people expressing dissatisfaction with their partners’ decisions or actions in their posts have become common in social media. This has put a great strain on the confidentiality of such relationships.

Social media’s security protocol has also contributed to insincerity in relationships. Many people have multiple accounts with “fake” names in different social media platforms. This has engendered suspicion and mistrust as one is never sure who they are interacting with.

Today, many people who have joined social media spend a lot of time building networks of friends. Interestingly, most friends in these networks are people they do not know out of the social media. Soobhan (2012) rightfully observes that this type of friendship is shallow and cannot be relied upon to build close personal bonds or to solve one’s problems. Therefore, instead of spending time expanding these shallow connections, people should strive to obtain a few cherished and reliable friends.

Moreover, even though cases of relationships beginning in social media and growing into flourishing real life friendships have been witnessed, such situations are extremely rare. As people increase their number of friends on these media, their networks may become extensive, but in reality, their connection is increasingly weaker (Soobhan, 2012). This leads to irresponsibility as people share things which would otherwise be considered “inappropriate” in a normal relationship.

In conclusion, social media have helped to connect people around the globe. However, their influence in personal relationships is very negative.  As the above discussion indicates, interaction on social media lack confidentiality, promote irresponsibility and insincerity among users. Therefore, even though social websites may promise quite a lot, in reality, they make relationships shallow and more opportunistic than real-life relationships.

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