Consulting Scenario

A team is actually an assembly or  a group made up of different members with varrying strengths, abilities and weaknesses. In a team, various members come up with various ideas and suggestions in a participatory and collective manner with an aim of attaining a common goal. Depending on the strengths posessed by these team members, consulting firms are normally geared towards utilizing the strengths of every member in order to accomplish a specific goal. Consulting firms only require the services of team members with skills in their area of interest. In these case, the three consulting firms are only looking for those team members with skills in the fields of legal profession, juvenile justice and communication (Heijden, 1996). Consulting firms normally work for other companies or organizations, and once they have utilized the skills from the group members, they either report their findings or results to the companies and organizations that they work for, or link these group members to those organizations for more consultation.


            The communication consulting firms will utilize skills from group members exhibiting good communication skills, strategies and background. Skills from such members will be used by the consulting firm to improve communications in the respective organizations and companies that they work for as consultants. Skills that may be utilized include communication language, fluency and other communication tactics such as convincing power, choice of words and kindness (Heijden, 1996). The juvenile justice consulting firm will benefit through gaining of skills that will enhance practice of justice to youths working in various organizational settings that require services and recommendations of this consulting firms. Juvenile justice involves insurance covers for juveniles, respect for their human rights, and equal opportunities and legal equality. The consulting firm on legal profession is likely to benefit through gaining skills from team members well familiarised with the provisions of the law and with an ability to solve any legal contraversies. They can then use these gained infrmation to make recommendations for the companies that they work for.

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