Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer

This has been one of the emotive questions that grappled the mobile phone industry since the first tort suit between David Reynard versus NEC (mobile firm). In retrospect, Reynard devotedly claimed that there was a fatal relationship between the brain tumor that killed his wife and the radiation emitted from the cell phones. This kind of a legal suit required a lot of scientific explanation which by way of design had to look at the intersection of risk factor of using a gadget and the contraction of cancer. This scientific correlation is what formed the basis of courts decision which revealed appalling outcomes. The courts ruling was that there was no substantial evidence that linked cell  phone radiation to brain tumor, a fact which was further authenticated by subsequent researches. For instance, Doll and Hill, and Wynder and Graham, conducted a research which revealed a lot of biases on the respondents making it difficult to discern the real relationship.

Proposed Law Would Prohibit Web Collection of Data on Kids

The law is seen by Edward Markey, a Democrat, as a step forward to the already existing federal law that compels company websites designed for young children under the age of thirteen to seek parental approval before taking personalized children information. To do this, Markey aims to introduce a “Do Not Track” button that will ensure that there is no tracking of children behaviors while using the internet. The move is also expected to create an “eraser button” on the website to fundamentally allow the kids to delete any information they have posted in the website.

Tackling 54,000 Photos with Two Programs

As the saying goes, taking photos is nice and enjoyable but having them sorted and edited is as tedious as one would always expect. However, with the invention of Adobe Systems inc. Photoshop, sorting and editing seemed to have changed for the better. The initial Photoshop had some limitations like editing one single photo at a time, an inefficiency which prompted both Adobe and Apple Inc. to develop new software that could allow for multiple editing. One such program is the lightroom for Mac and PC which has made the work for many photographers as easy as possible in terms of sorting and editing.  

Netflix Gets Lift From iPad App

For the first time in fifty two weeks period, NFLX has seen its shares in the NASDAQ commodity market rise to record level $80.06, representing a +10.46%. This phenomenal growth is attributed to the incorporation of NFLX movie application download as a free component in the Apple’s Ipad. However, despite the tremendous rise in the value of shares of the company, analysts were quick to say that the actual long term results may not be as anticipated by the investors.

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