Fundamentals of Organizational Communication and Crisis Communication

In the past, the essence of a communication crisis strategy has never carried any weight as to the importance that is attached to it presently. We have experienced a number of catastrophic incidences in the past that have led to sidelining communication. Communication has been considered as the back bone to any productive entity. With effective communication, the people within an organization are provided with a clear organization vision and the duly guidelines that they should follow. Key to performance improvement is reliant on how much the workers are empowered. However, there are numerous blunders that have been noted in history where communication has led to a crisis.

            From the Chinese perspective, a crisis is understood to as something very fatal, it is a dangerous opportunity. It is asserted that while working in a crisis, one should be able to anticipate, cooperate, coordinate and communicate. As already noted, there are numerous cases in history that discusses and which can bring a clear picture to us regarding to what communication crisis is. For instance, we have the union carbide crisis, the news crisis regarding swine flu and Domino’s, a fast-food retailing company, video that had been posted in you tube.

            In relation to Domino’s video, it is asserted that a video was placed in you tube by the organizations employees showing how they were tempering with food. Before this same video was removed from the website, a million people had viewed it.  No matter how much the employees may say the food tempered with was never served, the clients will not be convinced. This as a result will have destroyed the company’s image and good will that had been built after many years’ dedication and struggle.

            In responding to this crisis, the management tried its level best to assure the clients that they are safe. According to, the damage by this post had already caused enough damage to the firm. In response to the video, the company’s president posted a video in you tube explaining that things that were being done within the organization to rectify things. In addition to this, there was enacted a twitter account that is very active and linked to the account in you tube employed in reacting to the concerns that were being raised by the customers.

                        The case of school shooting that took place in Michigan is another incident that explains to us what communication crisis can be. From such news, it is clear that all colleges shall be affected by it the same is to the parents and children. The same incident is asserted to happen anywhere in colleges and the reactions of parents was not that pleasing. In order to respond to this crisis, the school used its email and emergency mobile phone to notify all the students and cancelling all the classes in the day.  With clear information, misconceptions and confusion can be regulated.  

            Domino made a great error by waiting for a very long time before responding to the post. This is an indication hat the firm lacked a crisis strategy that was enacted so as to respond to such situations. Though the issue of food tampering may be considered a normal occurrence, firms should identify the effects that social media can have on their business and the crisis that can arise from it.

             There are a number of things that a company should be prepared with in order to respond to such crises. For instance, identifying the persons that may be needed in times of crisis is very core. People ranging from those in the public relations departments and the human resource section are very essential at this period. Firms should also have a well structured device to monitor the web very closely so as it can be notified when issues affecting them are posted.

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