How one can Use Language and Writing Methods to Successfully Communicate

Importance of Language and Writing Methods in a Thesis

Language is of a paramount importance when producing any written piece of work. Words are the instrument which one must use to get across a point to a target audience. Be it any piece of work, a poem, an article, a story, a book, a dissertation etc. the same principle applies everywhere. The words used in a piece of writing determine the tone of it, and this influences the reader more than anything else. Therefore, the author has to be very articulate in his writing while using the correct terminology. For example, if one is writing about racial discrimination against particular minorities in an area, the tone of the article has to be such that the reader can feel outrage against racial abuse. Therefore, the use of the words like ‘bigotry’, ‘supremacist’, ‘racial chauvinism’ ‘plight of the minority community’ etc. can make the article an effective tool to raise awareness against the social evil of racial bias. The terms used must be relevant to the point one is trying to make. Also, the language level must not be very high. Most readers can grasp a point better when the vocabulary used to express it is simple, this being true for even very highly educated people. The author can take some liberties with the words he uses to show good vocabulary knowledge, but it must not go over the top and must be lucid enough to be understood by everyone in the target audience. It concerns writers whose works are read by a large populace the most. By this it is meant that novelists, poets, and authors who write non-fiction as well as journalists must take care of the language they use in their works. It must not be too pedestrian, but it must not be too lofty either, since the author is trying to communicate to a larger target audience. Language must be used to build bridges between the author and reader, and not to distance the two.

Grammar and composition are, of course, very important parts of any well-written work of literature. Every comma, semicolon, quotation and question mark must be placed properly. The author must take care of the way he uses prepositions, adverbs, gerunds, tenses, proverbs and idioms in the body of his work. The phraseology must be such that it well describes the topic of the thesis and drives home the point effectively, making a lasting effect on the reader. For achieving this, the arrangement of the words is very important.

Writing style is also very vital in producing a good thesis. For example, if one is writing a story, he or she must properly develop a plot for the story, to have characters with depth, must use descriptions well to provide the reader with a proper background and arrange the chronology of events such that the story reaches a proper climax with a visible conclusion that the reader can perceive easily. Another aspect of the writing style is the way the information, regarding a topic, has been arranged in the write-up. First, one must provide a proper introduction to the topic one is writing on. Then goes the main body, in which one must effectively provide the salient points with proper examples to illustrate the points presented. After that, a befitting conclusion must be provided to tell the reader what the main goal of the thesis was.

The author must be careful as to how much information to give out in the written work. Cramming too much information into the piece makes it dull and uninteresting. The author should include only something that’s relevant, and must learn how to compress a lot of information in a few words. The style must be such that the author must first create a situation, in which events build up to a final conclusion. Only a little information must be given out at first to keep the reader’s interest going up. Only later, when the author has reached his conclusion, is he to spring the real meaning on the reader. Any author of a poem, article, novel, story, paper or a work of non-fiction, who can effectively use both language and writing style in the most user-friendly manner, can produce works which should well reach his target audience.


The author has used a unique style of writing in The Lottery. She used simple, lucid language with appropriate phraseology. Her writing style is gripping, and she induces a sense of wonder in the reader’s minds with the use of phrases and specific descriptions of location and imagery. She starts off with an innocuous village, gathering to celebrate what seems like an annual event, even a festive event which the villagers look forward to. She has described the village square, the summer season and the general atmosphere. She has also articulately described the people who had gathered for the event-children, men and women, getting the reader to go straight into the story. The reader expects the lottery to be the usual affair where one person draws the card with the number which may signal he wins him the jackpot of handsome prize money, and the author describes the procedure for the lottery like any other normal lottery contest.  But through little clues, like the phrase “Lottery in June, corn be ready soon”, and sentences alluding to the lottery participants’ reactions, especially Tessie’s complaints, make the reader wonder what the actual matter is, it entices one to read on. But it is revealed later that the winner of the lottery was actually the villager who was going to be stoned to death that year. In the last line, as Jackson describes the last protests of Tessie, since she is being stoned to death by her own fellow villagers and family, she shocks the reader and exposes the horror and inhumanity of archaic rituals, being carried out in American villages in the name of good harvest. The author has tried to emphasize how people, instead of protesting and rebelling against such cruel medieval rites which allow human sacrifice in the name of good harvest and common good, actually feign pleasure and complicity in carrying out such rituals, and tries to show the callousness and inhumanity people show in treating their fellow humans. Through a suspense-riddled, gripping story where the author keeps the reader wondering with little hooks, till the last part where the author provides a lot of shock value, Jackson has managed to communicate the highlight of the story well.

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