Information and Technology

Information and technology play a dynamic role in the development of businesses. The development of IT solutions to solve business problems and to meet new business opportunities is faced with various management problems. The two toughest challenges are information explosion and the options overload.

Information Explosion

Information Explosion is the massive increase in the published information or data and the impacts of the abundance of this information. When information is abundant, the challenge that arises is how to manage it. In 2005, there were 70 million Web Servers and in a span of two years the number rose to 135 million servers. Those entrusted with the management of this information become incapable of managing the rapid growth. It becomes hard for the available information to solve business problems because they may contradict with one another; it therefore hinders exploitation of new business opportunities.

Options Overload

Options overload is the rapid development of information which leads to some information or technology becoming obsolete very fast. The growth in IT is astonishing, due to the fast growth in information; some of the information are rendered irrelevant very fast.  It therefore becomes costly to the management who will have to keep up with the fast changing technology.

Business Leverage

The business can leverage its investments in information technology so as to prevent new entrant in the business. The use of IT reduces the production and administrative costs.

The business needs to build up a good portfolio through information and technology to ensure that it remains competitive and prevent the entrance of a competitor into the market. There are several ways in which one can leverage a business; maintaining the records of the business, employing qualified employees and maintaining the risks or keeping up with software development.

The Apple Corporation has been in the IT industry for a longtime. The company has tried to remain relevant by leveraging the business through the use of IT. The company keeps track of its performance in order to carry out SWOT analysis. The company employs qualified employees so that they can carry out business appropriately. It also keeps up with software development and innovations that make their products shine in the market.

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