Information Flow

Data and Information Use and Flow in an Organization.

Data and information are among the most important aspects in an organization. Movement and use of both determines the performance of the organization in question and poor data and information handling can result in poor performance.

Data and information have several uses in any organization. First, they are the quantifiable elements that can be used to set the goals of an organization. By using the available data regarding the organization, the management team is able to create SMART objectives for the organization. They are also used to maintain the organizational culture. This is because they are used to determine the inception and main goals that the organization was geared towards throughout its lifetime. Thus, it allows the current team to work hard towards the acquisition of the same goals or initiate changes whenever necessary.

Data and information are also used to determine the progress made by the organization over time. It also helps the management team to adequately place the organization in an industry in order to determine its competitive advantage over the competitors. It is also a vital management tool that helps in the daily running of an organization. This regards the processes such as employment procedures, retrenchment, and expansion among others.

Data and information flow in an organization through departments. They can as well pass through memos or meetings. Further, they could be passed through publications such as financial statements or letters.

Data and Information Use in Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is among the largest retail outlets in the world (Frank, 2006). It has a profound information system that connects its suppliers and its internal management team. Once an item has been purchased, the digital information system in Wal-Mart informs the store manager and the supplier that the item needs to be replaced. The process takes fourteen seconds. This information ensures that the items on the counter are fresh. Among the goals that the corporation had during the introduction of the system is to ensure that the items sold to customers were fresh and took a maximum of three days to get within the customer’s reach. This has ensured that they deliver the freshest commodities to their customers, especially the grocery (Frank, 2006).

The data on the profit margins in different regions have encouraged the company to invest more or withdraw in different countries to exclude the chances of losses. In 2006, the corporation left Germany after realizing continued losses through the analysis of their data and the information they received from customers and the media. On the other hand, it has taken a large market in the Brazilian market to the favorable market in Brazil and has continued to purchase other organizations (Frank, 2006).

The information system also interconnects all the stores within the 55 countries Wal-Mart operates in to give them the best guide to determine the best steps that the corporation needs to take in different areas and stores.

Data Control and Use

Data and information sharing in an organization should be controlled from a central point, because there are different levels that the people receiving the data are entitled to. Some information is meant for the top management team and some of the information is meant for the general public. Therefore, different organizations have different means to protect data from reaching the wrong destinations. Such methods include the use of passwords and different means to pass the information. The use of an internal websites is a common idea in organizations where the employees are able to access the information meant for them by logging in to the website. However, there are different levels of access that are allowed to the different personnel. For instance, the stores keeper may not be cleared to the same level as the stores department head. The internal website is not accessible to the general public. Most organizations also have public websites that are used to pass data and information to all the people including the general public.

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