Interpersonal Communication Research

Interpersonal communication is a set of interactions between individuals that make up the social hierarchy. Human relationships are based mainly on the links between members of the public due to the different types of communication.

The needs can be defined as a state of necessity in the objective conditions, subjects, objects, without which the development and survival of living organisms is difficult. There is the need to consider a particular mental state of the individual, how they felt or perceived "stress", "frustration", "uncomfortable", as reflected in the human psyche discrepancies between internal and external business environment. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that in today’s fast driving society and life  one cannot live without communication. It is also important to consider the fact that interpersonal communication appears not only through the words pronunciation, but also through the voice that they were said and its loudness, through the gestures, etc. Interpersonal communication is so important that people find different ways to use it with the TV and radio. In real life, we communicate with our family members, co-workers, class mates, etc. Moreover, if to watch and observe them, it would be easy to conclude that lots of information about the topic of conversation is received through the gestures, facial expressions and through the shades of voice. I found this in the communication within the family members.

There are five main characteristics of the competent communication: adaptability, self-awareness, cognitive complexity, empathy and ethics. All of them are needed for the effective and efficient communication with people. Empathy is the important skill that helps people to understand each other better without any word, find out what are their thoughts and feelings. Some years ago, my friend was helping me with some of my courses. He came to me and started to ask me some questions about the material. He was as always smiling and happy, however, I felt that something was wrong. It was drawn in his eyes. He came to me just because of the promise he gave me before. Later, I found out that he had lost the member of his family in the accident. Therefore, I tried to build specific atmosphere and after some time he shared about his unhappiness. My good sense of empathy helped me to be closer to my friend in difficult time.

Interpersonal communication is the most important thing in today’s digital world and everyone should try to understand each other in order to be understood.

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