Langdon Flynn Communications

Langdon Flynn Communications is an integrated communications agency based in Las Vegas and offers its customers a range of services such as marketing, public relations, restaurant consulting, special event execution and advertising. The company also has interests in areas such as food and beverage, action sports and entertainment (Curtas, Jacobson, & Mancini, 2010). The company boasts of about 2,500 followers, and 1,800 in their text message club, and about 3,200 on Facebook.

In terms of public relations, the company engages in keeping their customer in the news. Notably, this is the company’s main responsibility, and to make it succeed, the company has the best contacts of media in the entertainment industry. Just to mention but a few, the company covers the following areas: Luxury lifestyle publications and network news, local news, entertainment columnists, tastemakers and influential bloggers. To ensure the success of all these,  the company keeps up with the pace of trends in the industry, make use of social media and embrace technology in order to optimize opportunities of publicity and create positive feedback to ones targeted client audience. Its workforce of publicists is trained on a range of options within the emerging market, in order to enable them generate multi-tiered applications or considerably enhance an existing Twitter account or Facebook page to ensure the optimum amount of consumer awareness. It has about 25 employees US chapter and makes an annual return of about US$1 million.

The company has many clients and are grouped basing on the sector they fall into, for instance, in Food & Beverage / Luxury Lifestyle they are about 30 clients with Border Grill Restaurant and Flemings Steakhouse being their notable clients. In the entertainment sector, there are over 30 clients with Broadway Theater leading the pack. Under Chefs / F&B Professionals, Adam Gertler stands out as the notable example. With Sports / Special Events, Top Rank Boxing stands out from the rest (Alto, 2007). Lastly, in the Non-Profit Organizations section, Best Buddies Nevada is the main client.

The company always produces award wining campaigns as it engages experienced people, for instance, Kruczynski, who has the passion for business development. He is a person who has had accomplishment in partnering with customers in the hospitality, nonprofit, tourism sectors and entertainment, and had a reputation for providing novel and efficient word-of-mouth campaign strategies. The company uses value Management techniques to measure its success. Value Management assists project teams to create detailed proposals and to execute specific and clear actions that inject long-term value to projects. It as well offers a way for measuring the value increase, hence demonstrating whether maximum value for resources invested is being attained.

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