Media Influence

The media influences more than half of the decisions we make. The society is built on the things they hear or see on television programs, newspapers, the internet and radios. With the introduction of digital cables, the society has become media based. It influences people both positively and negatively.

This paper explores the role of the media in shaping the society.

Advertisements through the media influences the decisions made by people. These could be purchasing, investment or voting decisions. Most advertisements have a target group. The more appealing the advertisement, the more effective it will be in passing the intended message. For instance, advertisements on particular products and the issue of shares influence the decisions of the society, as they are able to compare products.

The media also influences behavioral changes. The media could be used to sensitize the public on impacts of a particular vice and the way to avoid the vice. For instance, the advertisement on HIV and AIDS and drugs and substance abuse has helped many people change their behavior and avoid the misfortunes related to these vices.

Information provided by the media helps create awareness about our environment and the events that occur all over the world. Knowledge has been passed through the media such as the internet, articles and biographies. For instance, financial institutions have incorporated the use of the internet to teach and issue assignments. They have also facilitated research programs.

The media stores information and acts as a reminder for the events. Vital historical information has been passed to generations through the media. Archives store information regarding memorable moments and leaders.  This helps us understand where we are from and make wise decisions when faced with similar situations. For instance, judicial precedents have been preserved in courts to provide references for court cases.

As much as the media influences the society positively, it has its negative effects. Pornography in the internet, video tapes and books has negatively influenced the behavior of most youths. This has led to increased immorality in the society, poor performance of some students in schools and break up of many families.

Perpetrators of violence and disunity could also use the media. For instance, in politics, the media could be used to influence the public against a particular, candidate, tribe or political party. This was evident in Kenya whose case is still being handled at the International Criminal Court. One of the accused is the chairperson of a radio station who used his position and station to promote violence.

In conclusion, the media influences the society both positively and negatively. It influences decision making, politically, socially and economically.

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