Media Reaction Piece

Media is a very important tool in the society because it educates, informs and entertains the public on certain issues. In fact, some people say that media is a fourth pillar of democracy because it enables people to express their views, grievances, needs, interests on certain issues. On contrast, media has negative effects on society and should be appropriately used in order to avoid propagating negative values such as stereotyping. Frosch’s article on Warren Jeffs’s story has the potential of changing people’s way of thinking, exalting violence, and encouraging prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.

According to the media, Warren Jeffs, of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints polygamist sect was sentences to life imprisonment for sexually abusing young children of his church. Following the incident, the media has made people think that the members and the leaders Warren Jeffs’ sect are of questionable character. Being the leader of the sect, Warren’s story has distracted many people from it because they are doubtful of any the sect’s doctrines and followers.  Additionally, it creates a negative impression of polygamy among members of the society.

Through Jeff’s story, the media explicitly alters people’s ways of thinking because it encourages stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Besides, Jeff Warren’s story is an indication that it exalts violence and immorality in the society. This is because it has portrayed, by publishing his case, Jeffs as a celebrity. Consequently, Frosch’s article is a challenge to the United States’ labor force and economy. This is because the article readers’ already have a negative attitude towards the members Christians, especially, the sect members. As a result, the economy weakens because people already hold negative opinions and attitudes about each other. Therefore, in the article, Jeff’s story is likely to cause conflicts among people in work places especially where his followers work.

In conclusion, media is a powerful tool of enhancing democracy in any society. Moreover, media is instrumental in educating and entertaining the masses in the society. Nonetheless, the society should be careful in its media usage because has negative effects on the people. Frosch’s article on Warren Jeffs’s story promotes prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; weakens economy, and exalts violence in society. Therefore, the appropriate use of the media is crucial in promoting peace and democracy in the society.

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