Media Theory - Audience Analysis

Audience analysis involves examining data, regarding the listeners. Basically, analysis aids in adapting the message, so that the listeners can respond as expected. In audience analysis, age is an important factor that is highly taken into consideration (Degeer, 2007). In an instance, an audience analysis could be performed on three college students, watching the same movie simultaneously. It is obvious that these college students belong to the same age bracket. In such a case, the content of the movie matters to these students a lot. These students could be watching a thriller movie. Primarily, a thriller involves investigations, especially of murders or other mysterious events (Degeer, 2007). It is a movie that is suspenseful and keeps one on suspense of what is going to happen next. It also has several horrific incidences that ironically stir excitement among the audiences. Therefore, an audience analysis is performed on the three students, watching a thriller movie.

During the analysis, there is an illustration of excitement from the students, since they perfectly respond to the content of the movie. Ironically, they seem to be getting very enthusiastic with the horrific events in the movie. Moreover, curiosity is written all over their faces due to the suspense that is present in the thriller movie. Therefore, it is evident from the response of the students that the content of the movie is suitable for the audience of the young age bracket. During the audience analysis, the analyst also considers the attitude of the students. Commonly, attitude is reflected through their activities, as they watch the movie. In the audience analysis of the students, they all expressed excitement, thus showing a good attitude towards the movie. Basically, the above audience analysis of the college students shows that the content of the movie perfectly suited the preferences of the audience. It is evident from the responses of the students, as they watched the movie.


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