Military Interpersonal Communication

Communication among individuals is a crucial aspect in life and it takes on different forms, to which interpersonal communication forms a part. The interpersonal communication is markedly different from the other forms of communication as it involves few participants who are close in proximity to each, with man sensory channels in use and immediate feedback (Wood, 2012). Of most importance on interpersonal communication is that it presents the information received after listening to what another person is saying.  This paper presents interpersonal communication session with Amn Byrd addressing her failures to meet suspense.

            Me, and Amn Bryd were communicating over the issue of her performance last week on Thursday afternoon, when our conversation turned into a training session over personal relations within the armed forces. Our discussion was however meant to address the issue of her failures to meet suspense. As her senior I must admit that her self-confidence astonished me which made me just keep nodding to what she said all formalities forgotten for a moment even in a filed characterized by formalities. All along, Amn Bryd insisted on the need for some the files to be updated.

            I was saying how it was important for commandant personnel to attend suspense and that cannot be excused that one failed to attend it. I relied on the professional rules of conduct and the fact that suspense is very decisive in making decision in the armed forces (Sterling, 2008).  The suspense in question involved that she check the files office files for inconsistences within five days. She however failed to do it and therefore, she had to be answerable to that failure.

            I therefore posed the question to her in a surprising humbleness, partly because of the respect I accord to her for her perfect work and competitiveness, and partly because I suspected that she had unraveled something of great importance and therefore the right atmosphere for the discussion had to be set. Well, by that time I had directed her to a sit opposite my desk so we could talk facing each other in the most informal way possible in the military. She took her sweet time before sitting down, for the girl she was and then shunned her shoulders a bit for the armed personnel part in her.

            She addressed me in a formal way, which I must admit did not meet my apprehension, as I wanted an informal session, although the matter was weighty. As usual, Amn had matters prepared beforehand to meet a full discourse of professional presentation. She mentioned in figures and numbers and expressed them to me with momentous movements of eyes, sometimes maintaining eyes contact and others looking past me. This I supposed was meant to give me time to comprehend what she had just said. When expressing figures, she used gestures to indicate them.  She also used gestures to show the weight of an issue she had found.

            Now, this is the reason that led to her failure to meet suspense. First, most of the files she needed were hard to locate and it took more time than she had anticipated locating them.  The volume of the files was also not as expected, as due to previous lack of organization of files, some information had been reproduced time and again.  The issue of some mandatory files not having been maintained appeared to be of special concern to her and at this juncture, she aroused my attention to the ignorance  we as the authority in the armed forces had over some issues, which could  sum up to critical issues. All in all, the interpersonal communication was effective, and it provided me a chance to learn from my junior. 

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