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Early this week, Procter and Gamble: an American multinational company introduced a new detergent in the market. The new detergent goes by the name ‘Acme.’ Acme is a household detergent, which has more than 100 uses. These include cleaning wooden, ceramic, and cemented surfaces, washing clothes, removing stains in clothes as well as in cooking gargets, and cleaning utensils, among others. The new detergent comes in an attractive white and blue container made of plastic, as well as different quantities ranging from 250 ml to 1000 ml.

The launch of Acme was held at the company’s headquarters in Ohio where its top executives and regional managers of its subsidiaries graced the occasion. During the launch, the company’s vice president said that the decision to produce and market Acme was because the company found that consumers could purchase more than ten different detergents for undertaking household chores. Procter and Gamble embarked on an intensive research in order to find a way of combining different ingredients in different detergents to come up with one product, which would satisfy almost all the cleaning needs of the consumers. The vice president said that it has taken the company’s research and development department more than three years to develop Acme.

However, the production executive in Europe, Africa, and Asia regions said that the company would continue manufacturing and marketing other individual detergents, in order to meet the needs of those consumers who prefer purchasing specific detergents for specific uses. The company’s head of sales and marketing said that Acme is a billion-dollar product and the company was expecting to reap good returns from the product within a few years. Moreover, the product has already received positive response in the areas where the company has already started marketing activities.

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