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Online journals are an excellent tool for staying updated about developments in your field of study or work.  For instance, ProQuest Social Science Journals are a classic source for individuals who require access to a range of scientific academic journal. Its database comprises more than nine hundred and thirty titles, with in excess of six hundred and forty accessible in full text. ProQuest Social Science Journals make available information on hundreds of subjects. Journal of Family, The Public Interest Issues and American Demographics are some of the full-text journals that are professionally reviewed . Another instance is the Library of Congress. This site is chiefly sponsored by the United States government. Library of Congress is a serial and government publications division. It upholds one of the most widespread newspaper compilations worldwide. The Financial Times and Washington post are some of the magazines and newspaper with full text available online on this site (TheLibraryofCongress, 2012).

Locating online journals is a simple task. This is due to the fact that there are various methods of locating online journals. If you know the title of the journal you want to locate you can simply search it through searching tools such as Google or Bing. More so, one can locate a journal from online libraries. In some cases one may not know the title of the journals. In cases like this, one needs to locate the journal using the general topic for instance social science. Using keywords to search for journals is also an important means of locating a journal. There are numerous online libraries that offer a lot of online journals. These libraries have journals on various topics that are relevant to a number of fields of study or work. This makes location of online journals even a simpler task. With availability of these online resources, it is now easier to locate information on various topics in numerous fields of study or work.

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