Organization Behavior

Principles of organizations

Functional Definition - functions in concerns are clearly and fully defined to the subordinates and managers; elimination of conflicts in tasks.

Span of Control or Supervision – in this principle the span of control is the span of supervision that depicts the figure of employees who can be controlled and handled effectively by an individual manager.

Unity of Command – each of the subordinate is accountable and answerable to a single boss at a time. This assists in avoiding gaps in communication and feedback, response is prompt.

Scalar Chain – here, a chain of authority are availed; embezzlement of resource is reduced; communication is impacted, overlying work is escaped, and easy organization is established (Mary et al, 2011).

Communication versus division of work

Effective means of communication are the building blocks of all successful organizations; it promotes motivation through informing and making clarifications to employees on the task to be executed by whom, the way they are to perform the task, also how to advance in their performance, where it is not to standards (Mary et al, 2011).

Group mind

Group mind can be defined as the desires and beliefs common to any social group together.

Coordination in the first-response organization

Failure to coordinate would pose chances of tasks taken multiple times or funds allocated to a similar activity, which generates redundancy, waste of funds and resources (Mary et al, 2011).

Technology’s influence organizing and organizations

Utilization of technology in operations management ensures that organizations are capable of reducing the cost, improving the delivery procedure, standardizing and improving quality and emphasis on customization, therefore, and establishing value for consumers (Mary et al, 2011).

Interactive technology, position and then explain

While emblazing new technology, work execution time is reduced by a great percentage; however, the employees pay little attention to what lays behind the basis of operation of the automated tasks. When confronted by an actual situation that requires individual input, they find it challenging to handle it (Mary et al, 2011).

Twitter in social media and organizations

Twitter in social media and organization, it is a tool to marketing; it is widely used for communication remotely, saving money which would be required to travel to meetings.

Relationship between e-mail and organizations

Aside from the convenience in communication, email is essential especially in an organization is to handle a record of the organization transactions of the organization. It also serves as depository of files, bought orders, requests, contracts, and other forms of files attached in emails, which may be essential for reference (Mary et al, 2011).

Online Dating in Japan, lesson

This has real time interaction systems that ensure the communication is achieved in the shortest time possible.

Incorporate social media within an organization

As the CEO incorporation of social media will be done through social sites and pages that share common interests as those of my organization, I will also target the media that possess a group of people who are likely to make contact in business oriented ways to avoid interactions with persons who do not benefit the organization.

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