Organization Change

Organizational change is an important process that allows an organization to grow and respond to change in environmental variables. Nonetheless, stakeholders can resist change sweeping through their organization because of various reasons. Despite resistance to change, effective communication and team work can be used to mitigate resistance to change.

      Effective communication is a vital environment of the change process. Organizational stakeholders can resist change when their future is uncertain. However, effective communication that entails consultation, dialogue and briefing create acceptance of the change process as members are made aware of the goal of change. With effective communication, it is possible to create a change that is widely accepted in an organization.

Team work plays a critical role in managing and facilitating change. In an organization, resistance can result when stakeholders are excluded from the change process (Spector, 2010). Because of this, creating teams to handle various issues concerning the change process is vital. With teams issues that hinder change can be addressed in a holistic manner creating a unified approach towards organization change.

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      Organization change can be achieved if employees adopt appropriate behavior. Incentives can be used as motivator for behavior change. Incentives can be used to influence change and strengthen positive behaviors. For instance, remunerative incentives can be provided to employees who demonstrate a given behavior critical in achieving change. In some cases too, moral incentives can be given to employees and stakeholders who make the right choice central to attaining change. Coercive incentives can also be employed to discourage stakeholder from displaying behavior that hinder positive organization change.

      Incentive are powerful because they allow people to earn better salaries, have a decent job and be satisfied with their jobs. These reasons underlie the reason why many organization employ incentive plans to influence organization change. In the past, I have witnessed employees being awarded financial incentives for being instrumental in the change process. As a leader, moral incentives have also worked in promoting change. Because of financial benefit and recognition of employees because of their moral actions, managing change has been possible in my team.

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