Personal Trainer

Mission statement

Personal Trainer, “Niche supercenter in all life dimensions”

  • Nurturing a healthy you, eat, drink, and exercise the modern way
  •  Influencing your teen Tom positively, the future looks good
  • Baby care whiz “baby basics”
  • All sporty all the way “swim and shop”
  • Towards a techno-savvy population
  • Imagine it, dream it, we have it, all under one roof

Question 2

List of employees

  • An accountant - to manage the ledger and other books of account
  • Business administrator - to coordinate the running of all business operations
  • Computer engineer - to carry out system overhaul
  • Software developer - to design automation programs for the new features
  • Nutritionist – to prepare menus
  • Water engineer – to analyze state of pool water

Fact finding techniques

They need to carry out requirement analysis for the 12 project under Personal Trainer. One effective technique is 4W1H.

4W1H stands for where, when, what, who, and how and these five variables give full description of all variables that surround a project boundary. Where is the description of the physical environment where a project is undertaken. It may be a department in a health care facility or a city. When provides information on the stipulated time that a project variables are accomplished. The third variable, what, notes the details of professional work that is needed to make a project succeed.  Who identifies potential professionals to be recruited in the 12 projects whereas how gives a description of methods employed by a user in task accomplishment in a 12 sections.

Question 3

SWOT analysis

To examine internal and external factors that may affect Personal Trainer’s new venture the management needs to take analysis of the Strength and Weakness (internal factors) against Opportunities and Threats (external factors). The greatest factor for consideration by the management team will be opportunities that the supercenter can create. Since the center offers a diverse set of both basic and secondary needs, clients are likely to ask for more goods and services. For instance, setting up a petrol station in the business complex is a potential opportunity. If the management can invest in all opportunities that arise, Personal Trainer will have a large pool of capital, which is essential in locking out potential competitors. This will sustain business in the long term.

Question 4

They can make their presentation more effective by adopting Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP). ERP is a toolkit that brings together all communication system into one functional operation using a computer. Given that Cassia wants to introduce full time internet services, communication in written and oral form will be boosted. Voice over Internet Protocol, (VoIP) and emailing are some of online services that can be used to cut communication costs like stationery purchase and phone call costs. In addition, face-to-face communication that is time wasting will be replaced by voice communication.

Another way of making effective communication in oral and written form is via adoption of decentralized organization structure rather than the formal top-to-bottom communication model.


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